Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alert, Alert, Fuzzy Hump has broken loose and is on the rise.

Alert,  Alert, Fuzzy Hump has broken loose and is on the rise.
Dear friends, fans ans supporters,
I know that it has been a while since I posted something.  The truth is I have been very busy launching my new song called Fuzzy Hump, so this time how about something fun?
Please take a look at the newly released video of my new song called Fuzzy Hump.
It will without a doubt put you in a good mood.
By the way Fuzzy Hump is in the top 10, #9 in the city of Bogota, on ReverbNation after just one week and being heard by many people around the world on all kinds of radio station.  But I believe that this is nothing yet because in the end you my friends and fans are the real promotional force that will take it to another level.  "Like is good but only expresses approbation.  For Fuzzy Hump to take over I need you to share the link to the video and my website.
So please like but most important, share, share and share.  
Love always,

Friday, August 22, 2014

United States in desperate need of a cure.

United States in desperate need of a cure.

The United States is suffering with a chronic case of Autoimmune Deficiency.  All  bodies survive by protecting themselves from foreign and destructive organisms.
That same immune system adopts new organism that become beneficial to the body, so the real issue is not that that an organism is foreign, the real issue is
whether an organism is destructive or constructive for the body.  The original reaction of the immune system is to take a couple of samples and analyse them and
Make sure that this new organism is safe, beneficial or destructive.  Off course, the system is mobilized just in case immediate action is necessary.  If the introduced
organism is viewed as destructive then an order to destroy the destructive organism is given.  If it is found beneficial it is allowed to become part of the body.

It is for that reason that many bacteria and microbes are not only allowed in the stomach but have even become necessary for good health.  Off course the solution becomes compromise between the bacteria, meaning happiness by understanding.

It is well known by science that the species that are able to adapt to their environment are the species that survive and thrive and those that cannot disappear.  Water happens to be a pretty good library of the pathogens that exist in its environment.  We all know that the water that does not make people sick in a country makes a foreigner to that country very sick.  Sometimes just breathing the air can make you sick but water is way better at immunizing us.  However stay long enough and you'll start getting used to it. 

As the old saying goes:  If it does not kill you then it makes you stronger.  Why is that the case we should ask ourselves.  Because, if the inside of your body can resemble the outside of your body, meaning your environment,  then your body is in balance with its environment but if it cannot do that then that body will become sick and most likely die because the environment is not going anywhere. 

Malcolm X said,  Black people did not land on Plymouth Rock,  Plymouth Rock landed on us. He is absolutely right.  White people went to get black people from Africa and introduced them in their environment, why because black people were a gold mine for their dreams of wealth.  However remember that I said a happy middle is necessary between the pathogens for the body to be healthy.  Well imagine that a type of pathogen called PBUWM, meaning Powerful But Uneducated White Man refuse to adapt to the the new make-up of the society because according to them, the body is only them, so they are creating havoc in the body and weakening it, triggering dangerously high fevers and in general threatening the very immune system itself.

Yes they are putting the body of the United States of America in grave danger because when you waste energy and resources fighting what has already proven to be beneficial to the body you exhaust your defensive system and make yourself vulnerable to real threats that do exist in the environment, meaning the world.

It is always that false principle of intolerance that causes a body to develop Autoimmune Deficiency, which brings me to religions.  Any religion, science included that becomes intolerant, meaning incapable of coexisting with entities different from itself is bound for self destruction.  Catholicism went through that disease and somehow managed to heal itself from it.

Islam is going through that crisis right now.  The time has come for Islam to decide whether it's really a religion of God or a religion of the devil.  It is not for the rest of the world to determine.  It is a question that Islam has to answer for itself.  All I can say is that I don't see at the moment any other religion with an agenda to destroy innocent people because they have chosen a different path to serve the One God.  I really hope that there is not another such secret war being waged out there.  

This is why the images produced by this current of white supremacy are so similar to the images of the work of Islamic extremism or any other extremism for that matter.  The entire world seems to have become intolerant, therefore functioning in the realms of extremism.  My message to the groups traumatizing the world these days is "be ready to be humbled if you cannot abandon your erroneous ways, because the environment is not going anywhere".

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OriginalManiMusicAndMore: Cain's question

OriginalManiMusicAndMore: Cain's question: Cain's question. Tonight someone posted a short video of a her dog feverishly trying to splash water from a puddle on some fish they...

Cain's question

Cain's question.

Tonight someone posted a short video of a her dog feverishly trying to splash water from a puddle on some fish they caught.  It was clear as could be that the dog understood the suffering of the fish outside of water so he was just doing his best to cover them up with water, using just his nozzle.  I was really taken aback by this dog's compassion for the fish, a species so remote from the dog's.  It is just amazing to me that the dog understands the universal preciousness of life while these days it seems to mean nothing to human beings.

What I was seeing impacted me so much that it somehow brought to mind Cain's stupid question to God when God asked him for Abel and the best he could respond was:  "Am I the keeper of my brother?"

When I hear rumors of wars and tribulations, of nations and tribes killing each other, men women and children included, organized armies or bands of criminals, large and small sometimes pretending that they are fighting for a noble cause, tearing up the fabric of society for the sole purpose of enriching the leaders of these criminals because the foot soldiers really don't profit much from all this murdering, police forces who supposedly are sworn to serve and protect their communities killing so many people that, one can no longer decide which is worse, the disease or the remedy,  people deriving pleasure from torturing other people, animals and sometimes nature itself , weapons available to everyone, public figures infantilizing the political space to such a point that "the Kardashians" start sounding like the Socratishians or the Confucioushians by comparison, it means that we as a species or part of our species has completely lost a basic understanding that animals themselves have not.  That to me is extremely worrisome and I don't believe that I am overreacting. 

In conclusion, I have to say:  Kings,  Presidents, Prime ministers,  Politicians,  Public figures, Journalists, Revolutionaries and Religious Leaders, all of you who are supposed to be the body of wisdom of this earth, if you are not the keepers of your brothers, then you are their killers because it is impossible to keep your brothers and kill them too and if you are their killers, you do not hold these tittles.  It is becoming evident that when Jesus tried to preach the Golden Rule to us, the animals heard him yet somehow we did not.  Shame on us.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Strange similarities between believers and non-believers.

Strange similarities between believers and non-believers.

The other day a moment of clarity came to me. I came to realize that there's a group of atheists who have a lot in common with believers, while there is another group of atheists who have a lot in common with another group of believers.  Please keep on reading without trying too hard to understand this weird phrase that does not seem to make sense.  As you read, you will understand why the sentence is so weird.

The decision that people make to believe or not to believe in God is not to be taken lightly. They do it for very important personal reasons.

From what I have been able to gleam so far, the real important divide between people is not really faith in God.  It is rather faith in Love, which for me is one and the same but not for everyone.

I have met multiple atheists who are wonderful people who will end up in heaven even though they do not believe in it.

I know atheists who are deeply compassionate, care for their neighbors and fight for animals and a healthy planet, while there is probably more believers who really do no care for anyone else but themselves and who are downright evil.  This leaves me to conclude that there are Good Atheists and Good believers while there are bad Atheists and bad believers.

I was pondering on the subject and came to realize that the loving atheist cherishes and respect his belief in love so much that he wants to have complete authority on that love.

He doesn't want it tainted by any possibility that he does good from the fear of an invisible boss, religious influence or even due to some some kind of promised reward to come at the end of physical life.

The loving atheist wants to own his goodness.

As for the loving believer, he spreads good around the Earth with just as much fervor but just doesn't mind that some or all of the credit goes to God.  He or she enjoys knowing that there is an amazing place to retire to when one checks out of here.  The loving believer just does not have the need to own the love they spread around the world.  He feels that it retains the same value regardless of the source of it.

So in conclusion there are two different groups of human beings doing the same things and producing the same results in the world.

Now this is where I come to my real point in all of this.  It occurred to me that evil people, that's right, there are evil people on the earth, quite a bit by the way, are not atheists or believers for the same  reasons as the people I described earlier.

The top priority for people who commit evil is to find a convenient way to short-circuit their conscience, so you have people who atheists because it is a delight of a convenience that God does not exist.   That is one exhilarating experience to be free from conscience.  With God out of the equation, all of a sudden one can do whatever he wants as long as he can get away with surviving the laws of man.

However the believer who wants do evil does something that may well be considered worse. He simply decides to invent lies about God and claims that God demands that he does the evil he does.  As long as the naive is willing to believe it, why not he says.

In conclusion, on the day of judgment,  There will be many believers and non-believers sitting pretty in heaven while there will be believers and non believers getting nice and toasty in a very hot place.  The only difference is that the non-believers will be very surprised by it all.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

365 days of Christmas,

365 days of Christmas,

Christmas, what a beautiful holiday! One based on love not war like Independence Day, Flag Day, President Day, so on and so forth.
Christmas is a day that represents the miracle of a baby born with the full loving essence of God.   He was born with a problem.  He loved everyone, even his enemies.

He promised us eternal life in the eternal kingdom of his Father if we can learn to do just one thing which is to love one another.   Some of us have been trying and this might be the only reason we are still here and have not disappeared from the face of the earth.  The few of us who are trying our best to follow these instructions might have kept our species in existence but have we been able to love enough to earn that glorious entry in the eternal kingdom?

I have not come to a conclusion on that yet but I see problems in the way we love and that might well be the reason why the world has not yet found peace.

Somewhere through the course of our history, we have come to believe that love must always manifest itself as an exchange of material energy such as gifts, services, sexual gratification and the craziest one yet, the complete relinquishing of one’s individuality and autonomy which usually turns into one person abusing the other.  Whether you are a man or a woman, the moment you relinquish your individuality, you begin to set yourself up for being abused and to live a miserable life.  Love should be an empowering exchange of authority and not the submission of one to the authority of another.

Love is really a very simple thing.  Love is the desire to accompany others in their quest for peace.

When that wonderful Christmas baby grew up, he told us to even love our enemy.  Now I have to agree, that’s a tough prescription but it is the correct one and I will tell you why.

The heart functions as an inter-dimensional spaceship capable of providing our soul with the escape velocity that it needs to enter the orbit of the eternal kingdom.  Each person we meet becomes one more engine attached to that ship.  Love is the fuel and the power of an engine is exactly equal to how much love you release and propel through that engine.  So it is not hard to understand that if you have any engine attached to the ship not receiving fuel, it just becomes a dead weight and a drag on your ship.

The secret is that you want as many engines as possible attached to your ship and all engines must be operating at maximum power to attain that escape velocity and reach the orbit of the eternal kingdom.  So stop being stingy with your love.  As a matter of fact be in love with everyone, even your enemy.  Your enemy will most probably never understand why you love him or her and on the contrary, will think you are completely stupid or just plain crazy.  That does not matter at all.  What matters is achieving escape velocity.  Being in love should not be a feeling reserved only for someone you want to go to bed with.  It is the full desire to accompany others in their quest for peace.

So I wish you a Merry Christmas and may you find peace 365 days plus.

Love you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

As in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of man comes.

As in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of man comes.

The problem with the consciousness is that it does not react to small changes.   This is what allows the Lion to creep up close enough to its prey and when he does make its big move, it's too late for the prey to escape.

The subconscious always knew that something creepy was going on and would send signals of nervousness all the way to the skin, the ears and the tail of the prey.  When the grass is too sweet in the mouth of the inexperienced or unwise prey, it ignores the signals sent from the subconscious and keeps eating.  However, the experienced and wise prey has a developed higher consciousness that learns to take seriously these subtle signals from the subconscious and will suddenly flee from the perceived danger.

There have been some stealth changes in the lingo of computers, that went right by the attention of most people.  Some of you might remember older versions of Microsoft Windows  that contained the words "My computer".    You might not even remember when it happened but "My computer" disappeared and it was replaced by "Computer", that's right, just "Computer".  Do you  think that this was a meaningless change?  Not at all.  They knew better than us that due to how the Internet works that your computer was no longer your computer.  It would become in fact every-body's computer.

Now wasn't it strange that came a time when they released a version of windows with a strange name of Vista. Vista in Spanish means View.  Do you think that this name was chosen casually?   Well ask your self, who would want to have a view and what was that view supposed to be?

I am trying to wake up your higher consciousness so you can learn to pay attention to changes in things that appear to be minor and insignificant but in fact represent serious and major changes.

A few years ago, ABC news reported that a medical journal published in 1997, announced that they successfully transferred genes in such a way that a baby was born with genes from three people, not two.  Apparently, the procedure involved transferring certain genes from a fertile woman into the egg of a non fertile woman to allow her to conceive a baby.  Sounds wonderful.  We all love babies, except that as always, though it appears to be a small and minor event, in fact  opens a door to a new world that we might not be able to manage.

That publication is now exactly 26 years old.  Do you think the insatiable and  ever greedy people have been sitting doing nothing?  Not at all.  I would not be surprised if very soon we hear that a company is offering a catalog of human features and abilities of all sorts that can be genetically designed into your next baby.   Do you think your genetically modified baby will be your baby?

Who will be able to afford these designer babies?  The richest ones at first off course and the result will be, an even bigger divide in humanity.   When you think about it, you will realise that it may soon become unnecessary to travel to other planets to meet strange aliens or extra terrestrial beings.  We will be making them right here on earth.

And that my friend, according to the bible is when God usually decides to reformat the drive on His computer and re install His operating system.

Perhaps, if we are lucky, we might avoid the Godly re installation by developing our higher consciousness and let who ever is behind all this craziness know that, enough is enough.

My question for today is the following:

What shall it be?  Higher Consciousness or Re installation?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Premonition and Intuition, tools of survival.

Premonition and Intuition, tools of survival.

As the world becomes a more and more dangerous place to live, people will need to use all the tools at their disposition to survive.

Violence is increasing everywhere and all sorts of very dangerous weapons are finding their way in the hands of the of mindless criminals.   The lawful and peaceful citizen who continues to believe that carrying a weapon, will only add to the problem is left relying on his faith in God and possibly guardian angels.

The majority of the world is peaceful and non violent but it finds itself trapped between illegal violence and legal violence.   Remove or confiscate all weapons from the civilian society, and you leave yourself open to a tyrannical government, leave the door open so the citizen can defend against this danger and you find yourself being tyrannized by gangsters and common criminals.   Let everyone have a weapon, you find yourself in anarchy.

So what is a peaceful, law abiding citizen to do? My best suggestion for now is to start using tools that God created specifically to help the spiritual sector of society survive.   We need to learn to stay connected to the collective consciousness that functions above and beyond the realm of time.   This will help us increase our psychic abilities such as premonition and intuition. These types of psychic tool help us make the right choices at every corner of life and avoid falling into many terrible situation.

Premonition and intuition works. When you have a bad feeling about doing something that does not want to go away when your logic tells you that there is no danger, follow the feeling.   That will save you a lot of problems in life.   If something tells you to leave the area where you are even though everything appears perfectly fine,  leave that area.   If something tells you not to get into a taxi, then do not.   If you were planning all day to go to the best party in the world then a weird feeling comes over you where you don't feel like leaving your house, stay home, call your friends and tell them that something told you not to go and don't let them convince you otherwise.   If you are walking and about to turn the corner and you get a bad feeling about the street you walk every day and never had a problem before, don't go down that street that day.   Go somewhere else where you feel safer, find another way or call for someone to pick you up by car if there is no other way to get there.   If you are about to get into an elevator and it does not feel right, don't get in it even if it's empty.   If you have to go to your car in the parking lot and as soon as you get close to the parking lot, you feel an abnormal anxiety, don't go by yourself to that car, find some help.

I am not trying to scare you and make you unable to function.   I am trying to tell you that you need to start training yourself to recognize the difference between normal levels of preoccupations from abnormal levels of preoccupation.   The key is to learn to stay in touch in the energy of a place and of the moment. When a bad person is somewhere, the whole place will reflect the negative vibrations he is generating. When the place itself is about to release a threat to life, like a roof about to collapse the danger itself generates negative vibrations.

Premonition and intuition are tools that God created to help the innocent and peaceful survive.   You might want to give them a try.

My question for today is the following:

Have you experienced premonition or intuition?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Follow up on: Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

Follow up on: Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

This is a follow up on my previous article called, Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

In case you thought I was inventing things regarding transmission of diseases by electromagnetic wave frequencies, please type the following address in the address bar of your browser.

There you will see the diagrams of the experiment which was conducted and the accompanying text. You can cut and paste the text into your Google translator to red the information in your own language.

Then you can type the following address in your web address bar to see the man.

Now when you think that apparently the Russians used this technology for more than 40 years on an American embassy  in Moscow , it really start to wonder:  What exactly is going on with the HAARP  installation?

My question for today is the following:

Do you feel lucky?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eve will not be denied. She knocks the serpent out.

Eve will not be denied. She knocked the serpent out and he fell right on his face.

This article is to follow suit regarding my previous article called, How Eve fooled the serpent, the true story of Adam & Eve.

Since then I received quite a few comments from people who know me and from discussions on Facebook.  I wrote a couple of responses regarding the discussions and as I did so, realized that maybe I should write a follow up article on this subject, so here we go.

For those of you who might not take the time to read the previous article, It is an article that tries to demonstrate that the pursuit of physical eternal life is in direct contradiction with the existence of women and specifically motherhood.

Why do I say that?  The world population was just about one billion around the year 1,800 right now it is about seven billions, which means that in a mere 1,213 years it multiplied  seven folds and the rate of increase is not linear.  It is an accelerated rate.  Now when you think about it and keep in mind that this exponential growth in population occurred regardless of the fact that we are now mortal beings, imagine what would happen if we were to live eternally. We would overwhelm the resources of the earth before we could blink.  This is why in my opinion, to pursue physical immortality is asking for problems beyond our understanding.  This is also why I am convinced that once some people would taste what it is not to age and stay vital and always be at the peak of their energy, there would be no limit to what they would do to make sure that this becomes and stays the future of mankind.  From what I learned about unresolvable conflicts, one of the two sides must go.  As per human nature,  I am willing to bet that should the technology for immortality fall in the hands of man, the richest and most powerful would be the ones to first enjoy that technology.  Now who runs everything?  They do.

This is what brought me to conclude that they would not let such a little thing as womanhood stand in their way.  They would take whatever measure they need to take to protect their new found immortality.

I also concluded that they would not give up the pleasure of sex because the point of living eternally is to enjoy life eternally.  No matter how I sliced it, I found that the political and social unrest and conflicts that would follow would cause such chaos, that the immortal ones in power would see themselves with no other choice but to prevent the chaos in the first place.  When I thought about it,  I was left to conclude that physical immortality would be reserved for a minority, not a a majority and the minority that best fits this scenario, are homosexual men.  Thy would find themselves in paradise because they would all be attracted to each other, they would not have to worry about reproducing or multiplying and most of all they would not need any genetic modifications.  That group in fact fits this scenario.  You might wonder why lesbians would not also be included in this brave new world.  From what I have observed, it is my opinion that though a lesbian might be attracted to a member of her own gender, most of them continue to carry a motherly instinct.  Motherly instinct seems to be something even deeper and stronger than sexuality itself.  So it is not hard to imagine that if one day the motherly instinct overtakes a lesbian woman who would be part of these physical immortals, she might just find a way to convince one of the males to give her a baby.  Now who would know for sure that by some failure of all of their genetic programmings, that the kid wouldn't come out to be different and turn out to be heterosexual?  That would reopen a can of worms that was supposedly closed.  This is the analysis that brought me to conclude that, the final solution in the quest for physical immortality can only be an exclusive group of homosexual men.  I can imagine that some powerful and sufficiently rich heterosexual men not wishing to be left behind, would actually submit to genetic reprogramming to become homosexuals.

These deductions brought me to believe that many of these extra terrestrial abductions that leave the victims with memories of being harvested for eggs and sperms are being conducted by other very advanced species from other planets that made the mistake of choosing the path of immortality on their planet, but they came to realize that it is a trap and a dead end in the evolution of a specie.  I believe that these extra terrestrials are trying to take a few steps backwards, to create a mortal generation of their immortal specie, meaning a generation capable of dying and reproducing.

For some reason, as I pondered on the ramifications of my conclusion,  I was reminded of something I read in the book of Genesis in the bible. 

Adam and his primogeniture easily lived for about 900 years or so.  But the intriguing thing is that the writer felt the need to make a list of the sons of Adam and specify how many years they lived.  The weirder part is that he kept repeating a pleonasm.  He would say:

And all the years of this person were 900 plus years: and he died.

Why would you need to repeat over and over: and he died unless it was very important.  All the years of Adam were 930 years: is sufficiently clear to me.  It is obvious that Adam and Eve were created to be heterosexual, multiplying mortals and the number of years that human beings live is also very important to God.  One day maybe we will find out why.  Apparently, some other specie unlike man which was not supposed to be attracted to women became attracted to the daughters of man and took all the ones that pleased them as wives and from these unions, giants and super humans were being born.  I suspect that these super humans started spreading genes of immortality and causing humans to live even longer then they should and also caused an imbalance of power between the children of the super human beings and the regular humans.

Well it is well known that nothing shortens the life span of a specie more than some good old gene pool reduction.  God became completely disgusted by the genetic mess on the earth causing too many people to live too many years so,  he sends the flood which destroys just about everybody expect Noah and his family and from this one man's descendents, we all come from.  So by the interbreeding of the children of Noah, we live much fewer years which allows a balance and allows us be be heterosexual and reproductive without overwhelming the planet. 

Not too long after, Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.  Sounds like the he homosexual gene from the unwanted mixture of immortals with mortals,  as genes tend to do, re-surged pretty fast because these two cities were full of homosexuals and it was still early after the flood.  By them gathering in these cities where they apparently became a majority, it provided God with an excellent chance to reduce the genetic pool of homosexuality in humanity.

So here I find myself thinking that homosexuality might well be a product of genetic engineering performed by some ancient human civilization or maybe brought over here by an extra terrestrial specie.  Even though the tell of Genesis seem to be saying Eve disobeyed God's order, it appears that Eve's Des-obedience is quite compatible to God's original plan.  Why am I saying that?  If Adam was bored because obviously his intellect was above that of the animals, God could have easily created a second man for him to have someone to have stimulating conversations with.  It is obvious to me that the stimulation that God wanted Adam to have, went far beyond intelligent conversations.  I am pretty sure of this one, because no where in Genesis, does it mention that Eve was physically changed after her so called sin.  Yet it does mentions that the serpent would physically be changed, and was obviously marked for the removable of his limbs.  This is why I concluded that if the so called serpent or whatever that creature was, had a plan to cause Eve to fall in disfavor with God, be removed, banished or even be redesigned, he came out with the short end of the stick because in the end, he is the one who got changed.

I remain convinced that, God is pretty happy with the daughter he made and will continue to keep the balance shifted in her favor, even if he has to destroy a city or two or even the majority of the gene pool once in a while.  I suspect that if we start playing with physical immortally again, we will nullify the covenant that God made not to flood the earth anymore.

Now please understand, that I am completely opposed to anyone who would want to bring harm to homosexuals, because homosexuality in itself is not the problem for God.   What seems to be the real problem for God, is the pursuit of physical immortality which tends to reverse the rule of heterosexuality to replace it with the rule of homosexuality.  God has no problems with homosexuals remaining the exception, as long we accept and understand that temporary physical life is more than enough for us to learn how to love each other and by that love our souls become immortal.  

Jesus Christ specifically explained that the kingdom of his father is a kingdom of spirit.

My question for today is the following:

Do you believe we should seek physical immortality or spiritual immortality?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I was wrong about the third world war. It is going to be much worse.

I was wrong about the third world war. It is going to be much worse.

The tittle of one of my previous articles was: Third Wold War, will it be the war to stay healthy? Now I have come to realize that I almost missed the mark. The innocent civilian does not only have a to fight a war to stay healthy, but also has to prepare himself as rapidly as possible to fight a war to preserve its humanity. When I say humanity, I am not speaking only of the attributes, principles and behaviors that distinguish human beings.  In this case I am talking about that precious and sacred chrysalis we call the body which allows the I AM in each human being to experience the preciousness of life in its collective fragility.

The most sacred place in the Jewish temple is the Holy of Hollies.  It is no more than an empty room where the chosen High Priest enters in conference with God.  The whole point of the room being empty is to affirm that that this is space reserved for the non material, meaning the spirit and in this particular case, the Holy Spirit of God.

However this is a defined space unlike the infinite space that exists outside the temple and even outside the body of the earth.  One could see the space outside of the temple as the collective of space, but the space in the Holy of Hollies is defined.  That's what makes it personal where the High Priest enters in a personal conference with God even though his purpose is to represent humanity and especially the Jewish people.  It is not only a personal experience for he High Priest, it is also a moment for God personified which means to appear as an defined and concise being rather than the infinite immensity that He is. The room does not and cannot limit God to its walls but it represents the personal aspect of God. This is all very necessary because the only way to remain an image of God is to remain a person, for God Himself is the original Divine Person. this is why He told Abraham that his name was I AM and not we are.

The whole point of us being on this earth is to learn the lesson of the One giving of himself for the All. That defines universal love in its entirety. Every other explanation of the human experience would only be a derivative of what I just explained.  It cannot be something else.

There is an agenda in full gear being executed on the earth at this very moment.  It is the agenda to unpersonify the human being. This is communism and totalitarianism on super, hyper, extreme steroids and it is happening right under our noses and almost completely invisible to us.

This is the point where you need to learn the terms Transgenic-ism, Transhumanism and Post-humanism and to never forget them because that is the war in which you already are but don't know it.

You need to understand that DNA is a chain of little robots and since science has decoded the entire workings of DNA. The powerful who control science, have fallen victim to the delusion of the God Complex.  They are addicted to sugar and they found the key to grandma's cabinet.  There is no cookie that they are not going to eat.  This means that they feel entitled to redesign nature as per their wildest fantasies regardless of how crazy their ideas may be.  The best part is that they don't feel that your input is necessary nor do they want your input.  DNA is their little amusement park, they are going to play in it and you are the toys.

Remember that DNA is a chain of little robots?  There are cutters, assemblers, identifiers, receptors, activators, verifiers etc. etc.  Whatever function a person can have in industry, there is a piece of DNA that has the same function, so you might as well see DNA as the industrial complex of nature.

Scientists no longer have to mix genes from species that are very close. They can mix genes from any specie with any other specie. It is well known that they incorporated spider genes in goats to make the goats produce milk that can be process to make spiderweb because spiderweb is very strong and they can do a lot of things with it. I could live without so much spiderweb.

They put moth genes in potatoes and human genes in pigs.  These are just a few of the mildest examples that are easily accessible and verifiable on the Internet.  I am sure that we are not soon to discover the real terrifying stuff that they are already doing.

I think I have figured out what they are up to.  There is a disease out there affecting supposedly about 20,000 people but according to some people it seems that eight out ten people are already infected with it.  This disease is called Morgellons.  This is another word you must never forget, because it is here and it is going to grow.  Skin doctors or so called Dermatologists keep telling the victims of this disease that they are delusional and that it is all in their mind.  Laboratories will not even Analise the samples in fear of loosing their license.  Go on the Internet and read about Morgellons, read about Transhumanism.  I am telling you that you can no longer afford to be too busy to inform yourselves these days unless you want to be a suffering robot for the rest of you life and leave this horror as an inheritance for your progenitures.

The Internet is right there and I beg you to use it before they get rid of it.

This disease called Morgellons is not really a disease, it is a system that according to people who have been researching it, involves all kinds of of techniques, using air, food and water water as the transportation and delivery modality to inject or infect human beings with DNA robots that do not belong in the DNA of human beings.  Apparently, one of the key ingredients in creating these artificial mutations in people are insect genes that they have stirred up in their magical cauldrons and that is why people infected with it cannot help but feel like they have bugs crawling on and under their skin.

With all that stuff I have been telling, it's only now I am entering the weird part.  This infernal condition called Morgellons, leave the afflicted with the weirdest soars.  The soars have synthetic fibers of all kinds of colors and according to information found on the Internet, a private lab could not burn one of these fibers even at 600 degrees centigrade.

Basically, these fibers look a lot like nanotechnology. Scientists want to make us believe that they can always clean the messes they make but if nuclear technology is of any indication, we are in deep trouble.  These people do whatever they want to do and if the earth must perish then be it.  All they care about is that they had a chance to play God.

So here we are with people infected by artificial organisms that are producing synthetic fibers in their bodies, colored: Red, white, Green, Yellow and Black. I can't help it but think that this is the same color code used in electricity and electronics.

Call me crazy if you will but my conclusion is that they are installing the wires just like they do in buildings and cities when they plan on making them Internet ready.  Except that in this case, you will not have control of the device which will be you.  My conclusion is that they are turning us into wireless robots that they will integrate completely from head to toe to a diabolical computer network and we will wind up with something very similar with what is seen in the movie The Matrix.  Very similar machines as seen in the movie are being developed.  Their is an old American saying that says:  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. In this case it is the Matrix.

I assure you that this is not in your interest, because they have been forging ahead with this plan without informing us and without our consent.

The Bible has a name for this Matrix. It is called
the beast :

B Biological

E Electronically

A Assimilated

S Slave

T Technology

My question for you today is the following:

Are you too busy to wake up?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Please stay tuned. Very important.

Dear Followers of my Blog,

First allow me to thank for your fantastic support of the Blog so far.  Your response to the posts have been very encouraging.  My next post will be on a very important situation regarding a growing world wide problem.

I find this problem so serious that I am taking more time than usual reviewing some of the facts before I write about it.  So I am asking you to stay tune while I complete the review.

In the meantime, please keep recommending and sharing the Blog by clicking on the little buttons Found under the posts labeled, G+1 for google,  F for Facebook and T for tweeter. 

Once again, thank you for the support.

Blessings to you.  We need it.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Eve fooled the serpent. The true story of Adam and Eve.

How Eve fooled the serpent. The true story of Adam and Eve.
As per the accounts of the countless men and women who have been abducted by aliens, especially by the type called the grays, the experience always seems to revolve around the reproductive system. They describe how the aliens will take eggs from the women and sperms from the men.  Sometimes the women describe experiences where their babies are removed from their stomachs.  These women tell stories of being medically certified pregnant then one day, after going trough these experiences the pregnancy, simply ends but there is no baby.

Now there is a medical condition called "Pseudocyesis" or "Pseudo Pregnancy" or "Hysterical Pregnancy" where for some reason a woman displays all signs of being pregnant yet not have a baby in her.  Apparently this condition is quite common in animals also.  Strangely enough the data on this phenomenon is not really clear and is a bit shaky.

Is Pseudocyesis solely a natural quirkiness or are some of these cases the results of alien abductions? Who knows?  The intriguing thing about alien abduction is the fact that people who have never met each other report the same kinds of details such as the appearance of the beings, how they communicate with them which is a sort of telepathy etc. etc.  Many are quick to dismiss these testimonies of alien abductions as the product of the imagination of coo coo brains, however that seems to me to be a double standard.  The use of multiple testimonies of witnesses in a court of law is a valid legal ingredient and we have sentenced people to death based on such information.  That is how much respect we have for corroborative testimony.   So to jump to the conclusion that these people need psychiatric treatment just because they are sharing with the rest of us an information that we prefer not to believe for whatever reason, is not really fair neither to us nor to the ones who have experienced the event.

I choose to believe that these victims of extra terrestrial abductions are telling us the truth and regardless of how uncomfortable or how scared it makes us, the sooner we accept it the sooner we can prepare ourselves for the day that we also have to face this hidden reality.

I think that it is pretty safe to assume that any civilization with the technology to achieve interstellar travel, has also mastered genetic engineering.  I also believe that mastering genetic engineering is an almost inevitable step in the scientific and technological evolution of a civilization.  The real important part of this, is what we choose to do with that knowledge when we do stumble on it.

Those who choose to use it very wisely, sparingly, with prudence and only when and where it is necessary, continue to evolve and find themselves on a path to unlimited advancement.  The civilizations that do not pass the test of wisdom and begin to frolic in this knowledge as if it were an amusement park for children, pay the terrible price of finding themselves in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.  If you heard of Darwin, you understand that the dis-apparition of a specie is directly linked to choosing a path to an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Once you master the workings of DNA, you will soon discover how to turn off the switches of the natural process of aging which inevitably brings us to physical death.  When that happens, with a combination of other technologies such as organ regeneration, cloning and other things you can pretty much secure the possibility of physical eternal life, where even if our sun were to blow up, we could send samples of eternal human beings to other planets, assuming that we also discover how to break the light barrier.

The problem is that the term Eternal Human is an oxymoron because the very essence of being human is to enjoy the derivative benefits and privileges of physical death.  That is absolutely correct, physical death provides us with unique and precious privileges that is highly coveted in the universe.

Some of these privileges and benefits are the following:

1 Love

2 Nurturing

3 Celebration of the new

4 Reverence for the old.

5 Romance

6 Family

7 Community

8 Tolerance

9 The Joy of birth

10 The grieving for the departed

11 Reminiscence

12 and Most of all a connection to the spiritual realm

The above are twelve examples of what essentially make us human and women happen to be in most part the reservoirs and keepers of these traits and attributes of humanity.

The implementation of physical eternal life automatically make the human aspects above unnecessary, except maybe the sense of community.  This is why an Eternal Human is an oxymoron.

Of course, the one who would choose eternal physical life would never get rid of sexual desires because the very purpose of living eternally is to enjoy physical life eternally, otherwise what would be the point?  However they would surely turn of the reproductive switches.  At this point every woman simply becomes, (excuse the new but correct oxymoron) here, a Female Man, meaning just a man with a female body, because just like a man, the woman would be incapable of developing a child in her womb.  As a matter of fact, they might as well manipulate the genetics so the womb just disappears.  Well while they are at it, they might as well all be men because men already have an orifice to please each other called the anus, which would leave them with the simple shortcut of generalizing whatever genetic peculiarity produces homosexuality in man. So there you would have a perfect world of Eternal Homosexual Men.

Now let me be very clear, that this article is in no way trying to accuse natural homosexuality of anything negative.  What is natural is natural but what is artificial is intentional and here lies the great difference.  Nature is wise and knows in what quantity to make things so to teach us about its mysteries while keeping things moving along fine.  However the great fault in humanity is not knowing how to measure properly.  We have too many times turned the ratios of nature on its head and turn the exceptions into rules and the rules into exceptions.

So as you can see, the proposition of Physical Eternal Life in essence, pretty much threatens the existence of women and this is why over and over again women rejected it and fought against it every time it presented itself on Earth and/or other planets.

The true story of Adam and Eve is about a drama that plays itself over and over regarding the creation of the so called Eternal Man, where the serpent being the advocate for physical eternal life, tries to convince Eve that we can become like God and live eternally, (Physically that is) but Eve is much wiser than the serpent and knows that through a son of hers, the real eternal life, the spiritual eternal life will be revealed to us.  So as the smart woman that she is, she said thank you but no thank you and saved Humanity.  She understood that humanity is not a few so called eternal men.

So this machismo that underlies all sectors of society be it business, politics, education and most of all religion is deeply rooted in the vestiges of an old Battle fought many times before.  As religion radicalizes itself, the more hated, subjugated and despised women are.  This same Battle will be fought for as long as the universe exists and continues to produce intelligent life.  This is the battle between men who dream of a physical eternal life where woman is unnecessary and men and women who understand that the true and correct eternal life is not physical but instead the promise of the soul.

The aliens who are harvesting eggs from women and sperms from men, are from species that made the wrong technological choice.  In this case, I have no idea if it's the blue or the red pill that they took.  Nevertheless, now they cannot reproduce by themselves and they realized that life makes no sense if you cannot multiply.

My question for today is the following:

Do you remember this phrase in the Bible;  Go and multiply?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reasonable Capitalism, why not?

Reasonable Capitalism, why not?

The economic system of a civilization is limited by its level a spirituality.  At the present, we cannot adopt any system better than capitalism because we have not yet cultivated certain human tendencies necessary for a better economic system.  Communism will not work either because of the current tendencies in the human beings, so for the moment we are stuck with capitalism.

However, if we survive long enough, if we cultivate better beliefs, I am sure that we can formulate and establish a fairer economic system.

In this article, I will try to bring to light how human tendencies and behaviors that play the dominant role in determining what sort of economic system works for us.

The following list of beliefs are what limit us to Capitalism.

1 The belief that if you are stronger than another, then you do not have to be fair to the other.

2 If you are stronger than another, then you can stake a claim on anything that belongs to him or her.

3 If you are stronger than another, you make the rules for the other.  That usually means that there are no rules for you.

4 If you are the stronger, than even the energy of the weaker is a commodity for you to use at your pleasure.

The sum of the beliefs mentioned above produces a very pleasant and near paradisaical life for the strong and a very unpleasant and hellish life for the weak.

Before we go any further, let's analyse what it means to be strong and weak.  There are many forms of strengths.  The current understanding of strength that permeates our civilization boils down to the capacity of one thing to disassemble or destroy another thing.  This understanding though well established in the human psyche is absolutely wrong for the evolution of a specie and a civilization. This understanding of strength is negative. it programs the human being to become more and more violent because violence itself is seen as the essence of strength.  This understanding of strength eventually and unavoidably comes to mean that whom so ever is willing to kill others is strong and whom so ever wants to preserve life is weak.  Being that human beings live and learn, we cannot expect any other result other than everyone having the goal of gaining as much destructive power as possible.  It is human nature.  No one enjoys being a victim of the bullying of the strong and sooner or later comes a point where the victim simply has enough and decides that the only solution is to become a destructive force also.

So I find myself very surprised when the super powers of the world are surprised that smaller powers of the world are willing to risk everything to bridge the gap of power.  They have no choice because this civilization functions under the paradigm of negative strength and there is a direct correlation between how pleasant your life is going to be and how much destructive power you have.  The final equation of this understanding of strength is:

Power to Destroy = Pleasant

While the inverse of the equation is:

Desire to preserve life = Unpleasant.

By now you should not have any problem concluding that the inevitable result of adopting this understanding of strength is the complete auto destruction of this civilization.

Being that economy is directly link to our understanding of strength, we find that working, being productive, useful, appreciated and of a service to society, instead of being an enjoyable and satisfactory human experience has become a punishment and sometimes a torture for the human being.  But off course who wants to break their back and sacrifice their energy just so the favored of a system that supports the minority of humanity that has put its faith squarely in the paradigm that the greater your capacity to destroy is and the more you actually destroy to demonstrate and remind all others of that capacity, the better of you are.  You tell me where is anyone supposed to find the Joy in that?

So here we are with a class of victims where its members aspire to rise through the ranks and one day maybe become part of the class of the bullies.  So when you see them become cut-throats and back stabbers in the work environment and even gangsters, drug dealers murderous cartels, pirates and all sorts of crazy criminals, don't be surprised.  They learned this from someone.

The members of the class of victims who for some reason that only God knows, refuse to adopt this false understanding of Strength, have no choice but to become even stronger than the bullies.  You find them willing to live a life of near if not complete misery and determined to complete their lives without participating in the quest for destructive strength.  That is correct, when you see a poor man or a poor woman scraping a life out of a small plot of land, washing the dishes or mopping the floor of an expensive restaurant where you like to eat or doing any such menial job simply to put food on the table for their children, don't you dare to even think of them as weak and insignificant members of society.  They form the Atlas and the Hercules that are holding on to the rope of faith which is buying us time in the hope that by some unknown miracle the bullies will one day wake up and see that they have it all wrong.  If you think that these people prefer to live that miserable type of life because they are too stupid, too lazy or simply a lower form of human being than you, you better think again.  These people understand something that you are too stupid, too lazy and too cowardly to understand or accept.  You are the one who sold out and capitulated to take the easy road.  You became a collaborator of the destructive and the violent.  I don't see how a capitulator can call himself or herself strong.  You know you are not strong and that is why everything scares and terrifies you
So here we are where you need to know what everyone is doing at all the time. Well I'll tell you what we are doing. We are praying that God will change you hearts.  Remember, we are the ones who believe in preserving life so we are not interested in destroying your or see harm come to you.  The ones who are interest in this, are the ones you have educated and formed to be like you.  They are the ones who want to destroy you.  The more they say yes sir, the more you need to watch your back.

Were it not be for the unbelievable, almost supernatural spiritual strength of the so called weak, we would not be here today. If everyone where to adopt the passion for destroying and killing to live a brief lives of luxury, I would not be writing this article today because I would not be here and you neither. There would be no one left.

The world continues to exist solely by the spiritual strength of the so called weak and this is why it is written in the bible: And the weak shall inherit the Earth.  This is because unless we all realize that is it better for us to understand strength the way the so called weak understands it, there will not be a world to inherit. This is why only the weak can inherit the Earth.

As much as I would want to, I do not expect you to be able to make that quantum leap of waking up tomorrow, transformed into this type of herculean weak person.  It would amaze me if you were able to do it so.  The most I can ask you to do is to try and make a better capitalism that you could maybe call Reasonable Capitalism.  A capitalism where you can live in Paradise but at least let the rest of the world live in purgatory. You can begin by having a more reasonable credit system.  If you are one of those bullies of the system, don't you realize that if your greed has no limit so does the misery of the world and if the misery of the world has no limit then the world has a limit.

What is the purpose of all your great inventions if you pay your employees so little that they have to borrow money from you so they can buy these inventions and then live the rest of their lives paying you interest?  Why is it a need for you to be so comfortable while others are so uncomfortable?  What is the reason? Where is the reason?  There is none except that you have adopted a belief that being strong is to be a heartless bully.  It is time for you to find another strength in you, the strength to implement Reasonable Capitalism where you pay your employees enough so they can afford the products they make.  Henry Ford understood it.  He wanted his employees to be able to afford the product they built.  That did not stop him from being rich and living a very comfortable life.  Henry Ford is the example of Reasonable Capitalism.  What you have established today is Miserable Capitalism.

My question for today is the following:

Are you falsely strong or truly strong?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Let us pray for an arc-miracle.

Let us pray for an arc-miracle.

Because without one, we will not survive.  I must apologize to my readers ahead of time, as many of them tell me how much hope they get from reading my Blog but today my article will not be a positive one.  I can't help it but I must be honest with you even when honesty is depressive.

Last night I did not write an article because I simply could not choose a subject.
Today I was thinking about it and wondering: Why is it that I couldn't choose a subject?  I came to the sad conclusion that there is simply too much wrong with the world.

As much as I want to be positive and believe that as the dominant species of the planet, we have a chance to evolve and become more than what we have been so far, I find myself seriously doubting that we will survive unless God grants us an Arc-Miracle.

As I pondered on the spirit of the article for today, I came to realize why the serpent is really an appropriate image for evil.  A horrible thought came to my mind and it is the following:  A disconcerting portion of humanity is mutating and becoming venomous.  The consciousness of many, much too many people has mutated and has become venomous.  The following is what I am seeing:

1  Racism around the world is in full bloom.
2  Drug addiction, the consumption and production of it is in full bloom
3  The radicalization of religion is in full bloom.
4  Greed is in full bloom
5  The lost of critical thinking is in full bloom
6  The production of deadlier and deadlier weapons to kill maim, torture and terrorize is in full bloom
7  The abuse of women and children by men is in full bloom
8   Hyper Violent crimes in society is in full bloom
9  Government intrusion in the privacy of the individual is in full bloom.
10  Pollution of the planet is in full bloom
11  The loss of economic balance in the world is in full bloom
12  The inculcation of materialism in the mind of the young is in full bloom
13  The brutalization of the civilian by the policing forces around the world is in full bloom.
14  The corruption of  food and water is in full bloom
15  Governmental totalitarianism around the world is in full bloom.
16  Anger is in full bloom.

I think that this list is more than enough for you to get the idea, however they say that a picture is worth a thousand words so go and see the following on Youtube:

" Darpa Drones and Robots"

Then go to the following site"

Is this really about defense or has the human consciousness become en large part venomous?

My question for today is the following:

Do you see humanity surviving without an arc-miracle from God?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Sacred Economy of God.

The Sacred Economy of God.
Today I lived one more experience of the Sacred Economy of God.  I have lived many such experiences but since I am now writing articles for my Blog, I decided to share that experience and this knowledge with you.

We live on this earth, part of a universe that is vast beyond complete understanding.  Relatively recently, science discovered that everything we know in the universe barely accounts 4.6 percent of the universe. It means that everything we have been able to observe in the universe, regardless of what visualizing method we use whether it's natural light, infra red, ultra violet, X ray, Microwave or any other wave class in the electromagnetic spectrum still only adds up to 4.6 percent of the the total mass of the universe.

They figured that out because they were able to observe that everything we know in the universe is being moved around by a gravitational force other than the gravitational force of the celestial bodies. It is as if all the stars, all the planets, all the gas, all the dust and all the galaxies put together would be like debris siting on an ocean except that the ocean is completely invisible and you can't see what it is.  However that invisible ocean accounts for 95.4 percent of the rest of the universe

They are not talking about space itself.  Space itself curves under the influence of mass but space itself according to science should not have mass by itself.  According to the theory of Einstein, matter curves space and that is what causes gravity.  So science believes, there is something else out there that is curving space as if the entire universe were inside a big invisible ball of jello and the jello itself is the missing 95.4 percent of the energy being observed.

They separate the invisible missing part into two parts, Black Matter and Black Energy.  According to their research, 23.3 percent out of the 95.4 percent of invisible universe is composed of Black Matter, meaning some kind of matter that does not reflect nor emit light.  They can't even imagine what the other 72.1 percent is for the moment

I don't know how many of you remember the movie Star Wars.  If you do, do you remember when the great Jedi Master, Yoda was trying to teach Luke Skywalker to sustain objects in the air with nothing but his thought?  At the beginning, he tries to lift a rock, got distracted and the rock fell down. Later of course he managed to lift his X Wing fighter out of the lake.

I was thinking and wondered, what if the whole universe is something that God lifted out of an ocean of non-existence and if He were to stop concentrating for one minuscule instant, it would all fall back into non-existence? Crazy thought but very entertaining.

I believe that the same way that 95.4 percent is invisible to man at least for now and the same way that the thought of Luke Skywalker is invisible, so is God's hand in this world.

For more than one reason every time I have an experience like today's, my faith in God's invisible hand in things become stronger and stronger. I will tell you the little story of today. Its is a simple story but for me, it carries a powerful message.

As you can imagine, sometimes I stay up pretty late writing these articles. Needless to stay this morning I woke up late and much later than I expected. Since yesterday I had one plan in mind and that was to take the damaged computer of my pickup truck to be repaired at a car electronic shop.

However this angelic older lady friend of mind asked me if I could drive her somewhere.  This was not at all part of my plans but this lady is so nice to me, that I simply could not refuse and since I believed that I could bring her where she needed to go and still have plenty of time to take my truck computer to the shop, I was very happy to drive her to her destination.  Well the story is going to get more interesting.  As I am driving her, a friend of mine calls me to tell me that his car broke down and needs a boost. I told him no problem, as soon as I drop off my other friend, I will come and give him a boost.  As promised, I went and gave him a boost, his car started fine and all was fine and dandy.  Well would you guess, 10 minutes later he calls me again to tell me that his car broke down again so I had to turn back and give him another boost?  This time I decided that I would follow him until he gets to the repair shop.  We managed to get there so finally I was free to go to the Car Electronics repair shop.  The problem is that by that time it was rush-hour and I started getting seriously worried that I wouldn't make it to the shop on time.  I finally got the commercial center where the shop is but there are so many buildings and shops there that I knew that it would not be easy to find it.  I realized that they were going to close in one minute so I called them to ask where exactly they are located.  They explained to me but told me that they were already closed.  Then he asked me what kind of car is that computer for?  I told him the make, the model and the year.  He said OK, what you can do is bring it over, leave it with me and Monday I will look at it.  I said no problem, that works for me.  I got to his shop and got out of my car with the computer in my hand. He looked at it and said, let me check it out for you.  In ten seconds, he had the four screws out, started tearing some gel out of it, pushed a little some transistors or whatever these things were to the side and told me, yes, yes, you seem to to have a couple of things here that burned out.  I didn't say a word.  Then he said: you know what?  Let me do something for you.  He sat down at his work bench, pulled out two new transistors, soldered them onto My computer board, screwed the cover back on, handed me my truck computer back and told me:  You should be good now.  I said, thank you very much and how much do I owe you?  He said: don't worry about it, it's a gift.  I was just lost for words.  This did not take three minutes and I my Truck computer was fixed for free.  Well, for you information, it usually cost any where from $250.00 to $280.00 to fix them or to get a new one. Maybe the ones on newer cars are even more expensive, I really don't know.  I shook his hands and promised to refer people to his business.

On the way back home, I found myself in this magical zone, realizing how God repays us beyond our expectations, when we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for others. That is when I formulated the term Sacred Economy of God. This is neither the first time nor will it be the last time that God has showered me with incredible relief and reward.

When Jesus told his apostles to go out in the world and only take the cloth on their back with them, He wanted them to understand that as teachers of the Golden Rule, they must have faith in the Sacred Economy of God.

Today's experience not only strengthens my faith, but made me realise that with the economy of the world being so weird and uncertain these days, it should not worry anyone who sacrifices a little bit of their time and energy for others whenever it is necessary. As hard as life can become on this earth, somehow God will take care of you and you will be amazed.

My question for you today is the following:

Can you share with us your experience of the Sacred Economy of God?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Are we hearing the trumpet of the fourth angel of the apocalypse?

Are we hearing the trumpet of the fourth angel of the apocalypse?

To help you remember:

"And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the people of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound! And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit."

In my article tittled: Are we alone? I recounted the story of the brother of a friend explaining that the huge boom they had heard was caused by the reversing of direction of a UFO.

Well he is not the only one hearing those booms.  I went on the Internet and apparently, there are other people hearing them and they are very loud.  Some people describe these explosions as the sound of the beginning of a war.

Last year, I was at an airport, it was raining and thundering so you expect to hear booms and at my age I heard a lot of thunder.  I heard the accompanying thunder of the lighting bolt that killed two men about 30 yards from me in a park.  I heard thunder that cracked the corner of a brick building where I lived.  The bricks were pulled apart as if a giant pulled the top part of the building apart. Needless to say I heard some thunder in my life but they always seem to have a cracking noise mixed in with the boom part.  That day when I was at the airport, there was a boom over the airport so loud, that the roof shook and rattled.  I remember thinking: That does not sound like any thunder I ever heard.

It was a boom sound clean as can be, like the ones you expect from an explosion. There are people reporting boom sounds coming from the ground and sometimes which such force that the shock wave hurt their feet up to the shin. Who knows what those are about?

Well the booms are one thing. The real weird phenomenon that people are beginning to report are a trumpet sound coming from the sky.  Something that sounds like a mixture of a table being pushed on a wooden floor, a full stroke on a distorted rock guitar but most of all like a trumpet.  No one seems to really know what is causing it.  Is it being produced by HAARP, an array of extremely powerful radio antennas being used for some unknown secret project?  Is it some hoaxer playing a trick?  Is it a secret flying object being developed by the military.  No one knows but this has been reported by legitimate radio and TV news.

Being a musician and a producer, the sound seems to me closest to trumpets and that reminded me of this text I read in the bible quoted above. I am a strong believer in scripture and prophesies but also understand that it is worth coming up with a scientific explanation of how things happen even if they are following the will of God.  In other words it may be the will of God that someone dies of a heart attack, but a heart attack is still what he died from.

While in that frame of thought, I started wondering the following:

1 Is it possible that there is an object coming our way generating electromagnetic winds similar to but opposite to our solar winds and the friction between the two is producing that trumpet sound?

2 Is it possible that this thing is moving so fast that it is producing solar wind booms similar to the sonic booms of a supersonic plane?

3 Is it possible that there is an actual war being fought by extra terrestrials right over our noses and we don't even know it?

Whatever is going on, I can't help but to think of the words in the bible.

If you are a scientist, you might want to tell us what you think of this.

My question for today is the following:

Have you heard any of the sounds described in this article?

Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

In years gone by, cars were built and designed to be easily fixed.  Just about anyone could fix his own car with a few tools.  It was not hard to understand what made the car run and how to keep it running.  Mechanics didn't charge a lot either because the work was relatively easy as long as you knew what you were doing.  However, if you open the hood of your latest model, you will find something that looks like a safe deposit box and I suspect that pretty soon, they will put a label on it that says (Don't even think about touching it!).  The mechanics in a car these days are so integrated with computers, that you might as well call them computers on wheels.  Unless you have a very expensive machine, that means another highly specialized computer that can communicate with the computers on the car, you are not going to fix that car.  Supposedly, all of this makes for a better, less polluting, safer and more efficient car.

The problem is that these new cars work perfectly for five to eight years, then you practically have to throw them away because the cost of fixing them equals or exceeds the value of the car.  So you just have to get a new one.  In other words the car companies are in the business of selling cars and not in the business of fixing cars.

I believe that after the the 1960's, Business worked out a plan to turn us into consumers, in other words buying addicts or spending zombies or both.  This also means slaves free to roam around and to go to shopping malls.

The entire medical system shifted from trying to cure diseases to just treating conditions and alleviating pain.  I can understand the pharmaceutical companies.  Why would you want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.  In this case the Golden Goose is sickness.

I doubt that I am the only one but just about every week, I hear of a brand new disease of which  I never heard before and the very first time I hear about it is in the commercial advertising the medicine that will treat it.  These commercials provide us with some of the best comedy on TV.  I love how they begin with the most soothing and compassionate voice regarding your suffering than suddenly shift to an annoying cynical voice, giving a list of possible side effects among which the desire to commit suicide, all at the speed of a machine gun.

So if you wonder why there are so many weird chemicals in the foods and drinks we buy, why they are grinding sickly animals and feeding them back to the same animals, why the animals that are being mass produced have to be kept alive with untold amounts of antibiotics, why every sandwich being sold automatically has cheese in it and why they are corrupting natural grains to replace them with grains containing company proprietary secrets, you might want to remember that sickness and disease is seen as the biggest business of the future.

When you take the time to think about this, you might begin to understand why president Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is important enough to risk shutting down the government of the United States of America.  Obama said it himself.  He said that Health Care is the biggest threat there is to America and I believe he is right.  It is my opinion that knowing the political power of all the players in this circle of bad food and bad medicine, he realized that the most he can do to give the middle class and the poor a chance to survive is to at least even the playing field.  However, there are people who see us simply as producers of money and once we can't produce money for them anymore, then we might as well check in at the cemetery.

Do you know that every disease has an electromagnetic wave signature and that there is a workable science to cure diseases by broadcasting an opposite wave that neutralizes the disease?  They can do this by creating special harmonic scales using combined waves to produce high-breed waves that can travel faster than light.  As per my article "Progress, the great illusion", this kind of science and technology would fall nicely under good progress, but knowing how the best science is always first used for making war, I would not be surprised that instead of stepping on the toes of the money hungry medical system, they are using it to spread mysterious diseases, simply by broadcasting them.  That means you can just about get any disease and never have gotten infected by anything.  So for now this science falls under bad progress.

Maybe my imagination got the best of me tonight but go to YouTube and search for:
A New Physics Kept Secret from the World

The man at the beginning of the video explains how this technology works.  If you don't understand English, please have someone translate it for you.

My question for today is the following:

Do you feel that staying healthy is becoming a war?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are we alone?

Are we alone?

I never had an encounter with extraterrestrials but I have spoken to people who have described their encounter with aliens or something unworldly.

I will briefly describe three of these experiences.

1  The person received a visit in her bedroom while listening to the radio. They came in through a glass door and the walls.  She resisted so much that they finally left.

2  The person was on vacation, with four other friends returning from a party and on the way home, their car was filed with a strange light and they all experienced a memory laps. The experience was so traumatic to her, that she did not go out again for the rest of her vacation.  She became very agitated just telling me her story.  I really had to calm her down so she could finish telling me the story.

3  A freakishly loud sound like a giant explosion caused the residents of a neighborhood to come out of their house, trying to figure out what the sound was.  As the person was looking around in the sky because that's where the sound seemed to have come from, her brother who was in the backyard came running around to the front and asked her if she saw it.  When she asked him: See what?  He said:  The space ship, she asked him:  What space ship?  He said this huge triangular one that almost hit the house.  He then went on to explain to her that it appeared from nowhere, was about hit the house but reversed direction and sped away so fast that in a second or so was gone.  He said that the reversing of direction is what caused the noise.

These people were not lying.  They were telling their story because they felt they could trust me and I was their opportunity to get something off their chest.

In my post yesterday, I described how carbon, the base of life on Earth, is formed in dying stars.  I tried to make it an uncomplicated and somewhat pleasant post.  Scientific information is a labyrinth full of quick sand.  Most people get lost at the first turn.  The conditions that must line up to create life are quite amazing but since it all starts with stars and there are an almost incalculable number of stars, it begs to suspect that this happened more than once.  Obviously not all the time but enough times.

The calculations and the logic do not lend themselves well for Earth to be the only planet in the whole universe where life exists.   It would be like saying that out of all the grains of sand on all the beaches on the earth, only one single grain has germs on it.

For a longtime, science was in contradiction with itself on that one.  On one side they shun everything that had to do with extra terrestrials, while sending "voyager 1" to outer space, containing all kinds of information, that describes who and where we are.  Who do they expect to read it?  It tells me that they suspect something.

There are official reports of flying objects impossible for mankind to make in light of their size, maneuverability and speed.  There simply isn't the science at the moment to support such flying objects.  At least, not from humans.  The reports are growing in numbers and the ships seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  Don't take my word for it.  Take a little time to search the Internet for:  Japanese Pilot, UFO, Also look for Phoenix Lights.  That is surely an interesting case.  This is to mention a few.  One will find on the Internet various sites that will give you a detailed list of the different types of aliens visiting the earth and a glimpse of their agenda.  I have to admit, that I don't reject the information on the types of aliens as fiction but I do ponder upon it with a grain of salt.  These sites talk about pretty good aliens and very nasty ones.

I find it hard to imagine that a specie would gain the knowledge of interstellar travel and waste it on doing evil.  Then again, it is not so hard to imagine, we seem to be using all the knowledge we acquire to wage more and more destructive wars.  What gives me hope is that we also use knowledge to communicate great ideas in an attempt to elevate each other to greater ideals above this ridiculous faith in war and destruction.  It makes me wonder if the human race is not really made off two alien races, one benevolent and the other malevolent.  I am stuck pondering that question because I understand many things but simply can't understand why someone has a desire within to destroy other human beings.  I am close to deduct that we look alike but we are not all really the same and that somewhere, somehow, we came from two different lines of DNA.  This is just a though.  I have no scientific basis for it.

My question for today is:

When finally we get the official news that aliens are among us, (notice I said when), will you see it as good news or as bad news?

Death, the end? Impossible!

Death, the end?  Impossible!

Have you ever played the game of holding your arms out-stretched to the side and see how long you can hold them like that? I think most of us did this as kids.

You know that it does not take long until you feel that your shoulders are breaking and you have to let your arms down.

Something similar happens to the stars in the universe.  The same gravity that tires your arms, tires the stars.  As they get tired, they get smaller and denser like a cake cooling down as it releases the heat.  They do this in different stages based on many variables such as size and other things.  However before they get smaller they get bigger, similar to how holding your arms stretched out causes the muscles of your shoulders to bulge up, cause you to breath more, expand your lungs and blood circulation.  So right before that star is about to drop its arms it grows and become a Red Giant. Something you can understand if you are of a lighter complexion.

During these specific stages and under specific conditions that exist for such a short moment that a second would look like an eternity and with the help of mindboggling energy, different types of a magical element called Carbon are created so to make a lot of a specific type called Carbon 12 and some Carbon 14 but the majority is Carbon 12. This carbon 12 happens to love just about everything else it meets.  I know people and dogs like that.  Everything and everybody becomes their friend.  It is basically the loving element of the universe.

Because Carbon is such a loving element, it becomes the gathering friend that gets different other friends to relax and work together who normally would not have been together and that is how other essential ingredients to life like Protein, Nucleic Acid, Carbohydrate and lipids are formed.  So where do these friends of carbon come from?  They also come from the stars and that is why the stars choose to make carbon because not only it's a loving element, it requires the perfect amount of energy to make. If it required more, the star would not have enough energy to make the friends of carbon, if it required less it would basically lose creative momentum.

After doing all that, the carbon and his friends such as oxygen and hydrogen have to meet and have a party around another star.  But if they are too close, they will get toasted and won't be able to combine to make life.  If the are too far, they will freeze and not be in the mood for making love. They need to get together on a planet that is exactly at the distance that scientists call the sweet spot to start making babies.

Now apparently, they need music to get in the mood and here comes a musician called the moon who just so happen to settle a the perfect distance and have the perfect size.  She starts a counts to get the tempo going and starts playing a cool rhythm, and that's why we have life on Earth.

These very specific conditions which are just a few main ones were already programmed by even more specific ones that must exist so the so called Big Bang can create the universe.

So to simplify this whole thing, life only exists because a set of incalculable number of conditions occurred without error.

So here we are running around on the earth, eating and drinking everything in site, having fun and acting crazy.  Life is in such abundance on the Earth it appears cheap.  Abundant or not, most of us on the Earth, appreciate it and cherish it.

But there is a quantity of seemingly human beings, who think that only their life means something, the rest of it is for exploiting or destroying as they see fit and at their pleasure.  This strange type of human thinks that spreading pain, misery and death has no consequence because at the end there is a nice exit door called death through which, if intelligent enough, they can escape before anyone makes them pay for their evil.  This is why more and more we are hearing of people killing their family, co-workers, innocent students in schools and sometimes anyone who just happen to be there, then by blasting their own brains, think that they have escaped.

This same universe that knows how to make life, created death, not as an end to life but as a moment for review.

Death cannot be the end of Life because the Universe is not going to invest this kind of perfect planning and this amount of energy just to make a party for evil man and a the same time a nightmare for good people.  The universe will never be in complicity with evil nor ever conspire with it either. This is why death is not the end of life and on the contrary is just the beginning.

My question for today is the following:

Do you fear death itself or what it means?