Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are we alone?

Are we alone?

I never had an encounter with extraterrestrials but I have spoken to people who have described their encounter with aliens or something unworldly.

I will briefly describe three of these experiences.

1  The person received a visit in her bedroom while listening to the radio. They came in through a glass door and the walls.  She resisted so much that they finally left.

2  The person was on vacation, with four other friends returning from a party and on the way home, their car was filed with a strange light and they all experienced a memory laps. The experience was so traumatic to her, that she did not go out again for the rest of her vacation.  She became very agitated just telling me her story.  I really had to calm her down so she could finish telling me the story.

3  A freakishly loud sound like a giant explosion caused the residents of a neighborhood to come out of their house, trying to figure out what the sound was.  As the person was looking around in the sky because that's where the sound seemed to have come from, her brother who was in the backyard came running around to the front and asked her if she saw it.  When she asked him: See what?  He said:  The space ship, she asked him:  What space ship?  He said this huge triangular one that almost hit the house.  He then went on to explain to her that it appeared from nowhere, was about hit the house but reversed direction and sped away so fast that in a second or so was gone.  He said that the reversing of direction is what caused the noise.

These people were not lying.  They were telling their story because they felt they could trust me and I was their opportunity to get something off their chest.

In my post yesterday, I described how carbon, the base of life on Earth, is formed in dying stars.  I tried to make it an uncomplicated and somewhat pleasant post.  Scientific information is a labyrinth full of quick sand.  Most people get lost at the first turn.  The conditions that must line up to create life are quite amazing but since it all starts with stars and there are an almost incalculable number of stars, it begs to suspect that this happened more than once.  Obviously not all the time but enough times.

The calculations and the logic do not lend themselves well for Earth to be the only planet in the whole universe where life exists.   It would be like saying that out of all the grains of sand on all the beaches on the earth, only one single grain has germs on it.

For a longtime, science was in contradiction with itself on that one.  On one side they shun everything that had to do with extra terrestrials, while sending "voyager 1" to outer space, containing all kinds of information, that describes who and where we are.  Who do they expect to read it?  It tells me that they suspect something.

There are official reports of flying objects impossible for mankind to make in light of their size, maneuverability and speed.  There simply isn't the science at the moment to support such flying objects.  At least, not from humans.  The reports are growing in numbers and the ships seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  Don't take my word for it.  Take a little time to search the Internet for:  Japanese Pilot, UFO, Also look for Phoenix Lights.  That is surely an interesting case.  This is to mention a few.  One will find on the Internet various sites that will give you a detailed list of the different types of aliens visiting the earth and a glimpse of their agenda.  I have to admit, that I don't reject the information on the types of aliens as fiction but I do ponder upon it with a grain of salt.  These sites talk about pretty good aliens and very nasty ones.

I find it hard to imagine that a specie would gain the knowledge of interstellar travel and waste it on doing evil.  Then again, it is not so hard to imagine, we seem to be using all the knowledge we acquire to wage more and more destructive wars.  What gives me hope is that we also use knowledge to communicate great ideas in an attempt to elevate each other to greater ideals above this ridiculous faith in war and destruction.  It makes me wonder if the human race is not really made off two alien races, one benevolent and the other malevolent.  I am stuck pondering that question because I understand many things but simply can't understand why someone has a desire within to destroy other human beings.  I am close to deduct that we look alike but we are not all really the same and that somewhere, somehow, we came from two different lines of DNA.  This is just a though.  I have no scientific basis for it.

My question for today is:

When finally we get the official news that aliens are among us, (notice I said when), will you see it as good news or as bad news?


  1. Great subject well debatec
    For me it will be good mews

  2. it will be good news, scary at first, but good depends on how the approach is made....