Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Death, the end? Impossible!

Death, the end?  Impossible!

Have you ever played the game of holding your arms out-stretched to the side and see how long you can hold them like that? I think most of us did this as kids.

You know that it does not take long until you feel that your shoulders are breaking and you have to let your arms down.

Something similar happens to the stars in the universe.  The same gravity that tires your arms, tires the stars.  As they get tired, they get smaller and denser like a cake cooling down as it releases the heat.  They do this in different stages based on many variables such as size and other things.  However before they get smaller they get bigger, similar to how holding your arms stretched out causes the muscles of your shoulders to bulge up, cause you to breath more, expand your lungs and blood circulation.  So right before that star is about to drop its arms it grows and become a Red Giant. Something you can understand if you are of a lighter complexion.

During these specific stages and under specific conditions that exist for such a short moment that a second would look like an eternity and with the help of mindboggling energy, different types of a magical element called Carbon are created so to make a lot of a specific type called Carbon 12 and some Carbon 14 but the majority is Carbon 12. This carbon 12 happens to love just about everything else it meets.  I know people and dogs like that.  Everything and everybody becomes their friend.  It is basically the loving element of the universe.

Because Carbon is such a loving element, it becomes the gathering friend that gets different other friends to relax and work together who normally would not have been together and that is how other essential ingredients to life like Protein, Nucleic Acid, Carbohydrate and lipids are formed.  So where do these friends of carbon come from?  They also come from the stars and that is why the stars choose to make carbon because not only it's a loving element, it requires the perfect amount of energy to make. If it required more, the star would not have enough energy to make the friends of carbon, if it required less it would basically lose creative momentum.

After doing all that, the carbon and his friends such as oxygen and hydrogen have to meet and have a party around another star.  But if they are too close, they will get toasted and won't be able to combine to make life.  If the are too far, they will freeze and not be in the mood for making love. They need to get together on a planet that is exactly at the distance that scientists call the sweet spot to start making babies.

Now apparently, they need music to get in the mood and here comes a musician called the moon who just so happen to settle a the perfect distance and have the perfect size.  She starts a counts to get the tempo going and starts playing a cool rhythm, and that's why we have life on Earth.

These very specific conditions which are just a few main ones were already programmed by even more specific ones that must exist so the so called Big Bang can create the universe.

So to simplify this whole thing, life only exists because a set of incalculable number of conditions occurred without error.

So here we are running around on the earth, eating and drinking everything in site, having fun and acting crazy.  Life is in such abundance on the Earth it appears cheap.  Abundant or not, most of us on the Earth, appreciate it and cherish it.

But there is a quantity of seemingly human beings, who think that only their life means something, the rest of it is for exploiting or destroying as they see fit and at their pleasure.  This strange type of human thinks that spreading pain, misery and death has no consequence because at the end there is a nice exit door called death through which, if intelligent enough, they can escape before anyone makes them pay for their evil.  This is why more and more we are hearing of people killing their family, co-workers, innocent students in schools and sometimes anyone who just happen to be there, then by blasting their own brains, think that they have escaped.

This same universe that knows how to make life, created death, not as an end to life but as a moment for review.

Death cannot be the end of Life because the Universe is not going to invest this kind of perfect planning and this amount of energy just to make a party for evil man and a the same time a nightmare for good people.  The universe will never be in complicity with evil nor ever conspire with it either. This is why death is not the end of life and on the contrary is just the beginning.

My question for today is the following:

Do you fear death itself or what it means?

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