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Eve will not be denied. She knocks the serpent out.

Eve will not be denied. She knocked the serpent out and he fell right on his face.

This article is to follow suit regarding my previous article called, How Eve fooled the serpent, the true story of Adam & Eve.

Since then I received quite a few comments from people who know me and from discussions on Facebook.  I wrote a couple of responses regarding the discussions and as I did so, realized that maybe I should write a follow up article on this subject, so here we go.

For those of you who might not take the time to read the previous article, It is an article that tries to demonstrate that the pursuit of physical eternal life is in direct contradiction with the existence of women and specifically motherhood.

Why do I say that?  The world population was just about one billion around the year 1,800 right now it is about seven billions, which means that in a mere 1,213 years it multiplied  seven folds and the rate of increase is not linear.  It is an accelerated rate.  Now when you think about it and keep in mind that this exponential growth in population occurred regardless of the fact that we are now mortal beings, imagine what would happen if we were to live eternally. We would overwhelm the resources of the earth before we could blink.  This is why in my opinion, to pursue physical immortality is asking for problems beyond our understanding.  This is also why I am convinced that once some people would taste what it is not to age and stay vital and always be at the peak of their energy, there would be no limit to what they would do to make sure that this becomes and stays the future of mankind.  From what I learned about unresolvable conflicts, one of the two sides must go.  As per human nature,  I am willing to bet that should the technology for immortality fall in the hands of man, the richest and most powerful would be the ones to first enjoy that technology.  Now who runs everything?  They do.

This is what brought me to conclude that they would not let such a little thing as womanhood stand in their way.  They would take whatever measure they need to take to protect their new found immortality.

I also concluded that they would not give up the pleasure of sex because the point of living eternally is to enjoy life eternally.  No matter how I sliced it, I found that the political and social unrest and conflicts that would follow would cause such chaos, that the immortal ones in power would see themselves with no other choice but to prevent the chaos in the first place.  When I thought about it,  I was left to conclude that physical immortality would be reserved for a minority, not a a majority and the minority that best fits this scenario, are homosexual men.  Thy would find themselves in paradise because they would all be attracted to each other, they would not have to worry about reproducing or multiplying and most of all they would not need any genetic modifications.  That group in fact fits this scenario.  You might wonder why lesbians would not also be included in this brave new world.  From what I have observed, it is my opinion that though a lesbian might be attracted to a member of her own gender, most of them continue to carry a motherly instinct.  Motherly instinct seems to be something even deeper and stronger than sexuality itself.  So it is not hard to imagine that if one day the motherly instinct overtakes a lesbian woman who would be part of these physical immortals, she might just find a way to convince one of the males to give her a baby.  Now who would know for sure that by some failure of all of their genetic programmings, that the kid wouldn't come out to be different and turn out to be heterosexual?  That would reopen a can of worms that was supposedly closed.  This is the analysis that brought me to conclude that, the final solution in the quest for physical immortality can only be an exclusive group of homosexual men.  I can imagine that some powerful and sufficiently rich heterosexual men not wishing to be left behind, would actually submit to genetic reprogramming to become homosexuals.

These deductions brought me to believe that many of these extra terrestrial abductions that leave the victims with memories of being harvested for eggs and sperms are being conducted by other very advanced species from other planets that made the mistake of choosing the path of immortality on their planet, but they came to realize that it is a trap and a dead end in the evolution of a specie.  I believe that these extra terrestrials are trying to take a few steps backwards, to create a mortal generation of their immortal specie, meaning a generation capable of dying and reproducing.

For some reason, as I pondered on the ramifications of my conclusion,  I was reminded of something I read in the book of Genesis in the bible. 

Adam and his primogeniture easily lived for about 900 years or so.  But the intriguing thing is that the writer felt the need to make a list of the sons of Adam and specify how many years they lived.  The weirder part is that he kept repeating a pleonasm.  He would say:

And all the years of this person were 900 plus years: and he died.

Why would you need to repeat over and over: and he died unless it was very important.  All the years of Adam were 930 years: is sufficiently clear to me.  It is obvious that Adam and Eve were created to be heterosexual, multiplying mortals and the number of years that human beings live is also very important to God.  One day maybe we will find out why.  Apparently, some other specie unlike man which was not supposed to be attracted to women became attracted to the daughters of man and took all the ones that pleased them as wives and from these unions, giants and super humans were being born.  I suspect that these super humans started spreading genes of immortality and causing humans to live even longer then they should and also caused an imbalance of power between the children of the super human beings and the regular humans.

Well it is well known that nothing shortens the life span of a specie more than some good old gene pool reduction.  God became completely disgusted by the genetic mess on the earth causing too many people to live too many years so,  he sends the flood which destroys just about everybody expect Noah and his family and from this one man's descendents, we all come from.  So by the interbreeding of the children of Noah, we live much fewer years which allows a balance and allows us be be heterosexual and reproductive without overwhelming the planet. 

Not too long after, Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.  Sounds like the he homosexual gene from the unwanted mixture of immortals with mortals,  as genes tend to do, re-surged pretty fast because these two cities were full of homosexuals and it was still early after the flood.  By them gathering in these cities where they apparently became a majority, it provided God with an excellent chance to reduce the genetic pool of homosexuality in humanity.

So here I find myself thinking that homosexuality might well be a product of genetic engineering performed by some ancient human civilization or maybe brought over here by an extra terrestrial specie.  Even though the tell of Genesis seem to be saying Eve disobeyed God's order, it appears that Eve's Des-obedience is quite compatible to God's original plan.  Why am I saying that?  If Adam was bored because obviously his intellect was above that of the animals, God could have easily created a second man for him to have someone to have stimulating conversations with.  It is obvious to me that the stimulation that God wanted Adam to have, went far beyond intelligent conversations.  I am pretty sure of this one, because no where in Genesis, does it mention that Eve was physically changed after her so called sin.  Yet it does mentions that the serpent would physically be changed, and was obviously marked for the removable of his limbs.  This is why I concluded that if the so called serpent or whatever that creature was, had a plan to cause Eve to fall in disfavor with God, be removed, banished or even be redesigned, he came out with the short end of the stick because in the end, he is the one who got changed.

I remain convinced that, God is pretty happy with the daughter he made and will continue to keep the balance shifted in her favor, even if he has to destroy a city or two or even the majority of the gene pool once in a while.  I suspect that if we start playing with physical immortally again, we will nullify the covenant that God made not to flood the earth anymore.

Now please understand, that I am completely opposed to anyone who would want to bring harm to homosexuals, because homosexuality in itself is not the problem for God.   What seems to be the real problem for God, is the pursuit of physical immortality which tends to reverse the rule of heterosexuality to replace it with the rule of homosexuality.  God has no problems with homosexuals remaining the exception, as long we accept and understand that temporary physical life is more than enough for us to learn how to love each other and by that love our souls become immortal.  

Jesus Christ specifically explained that the kingdom of his father is a kingdom of spirit.

My question for today is the following:

Do you believe we should seek physical immortality or spiritual immortality?

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