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How Eve fooled the serpent. The true story of Adam and Eve.

How Eve fooled the serpent. The true story of Adam and Eve.
As per the accounts of the countless men and women who have been abducted by aliens, especially by the type called the grays, the experience always seems to revolve around the reproductive system. They describe how the aliens will take eggs from the women and sperms from the men.  Sometimes the women describe experiences where their babies are removed from their stomachs.  These women tell stories of being medically certified pregnant then one day, after going trough these experiences the pregnancy, simply ends but there is no baby.

Now there is a medical condition called "Pseudocyesis" or "Pseudo Pregnancy" or "Hysterical Pregnancy" where for some reason a woman displays all signs of being pregnant yet not have a baby in her.  Apparently this condition is quite common in animals also.  Strangely enough the data on this phenomenon is not really clear and is a bit shaky.

Is Pseudocyesis solely a natural quirkiness or are some of these cases the results of alien abductions? Who knows?  The intriguing thing about alien abduction is the fact that people who have never met each other report the same kinds of details such as the appearance of the beings, how they communicate with them which is a sort of telepathy etc. etc.  Many are quick to dismiss these testimonies of alien abductions as the product of the imagination of coo coo brains, however that seems to me to be a double standard.  The use of multiple testimonies of witnesses in a court of law is a valid legal ingredient and we have sentenced people to death based on such information.  That is how much respect we have for corroborative testimony.   So to jump to the conclusion that these people need psychiatric treatment just because they are sharing with the rest of us an information that we prefer not to believe for whatever reason, is not really fair neither to us nor to the ones who have experienced the event.

I choose to believe that these victims of extra terrestrial abductions are telling us the truth and regardless of how uncomfortable or how scared it makes us, the sooner we accept it the sooner we can prepare ourselves for the day that we also have to face this hidden reality.

I think that it is pretty safe to assume that any civilization with the technology to achieve interstellar travel, has also mastered genetic engineering.  I also believe that mastering genetic engineering is an almost inevitable step in the scientific and technological evolution of a civilization.  The real important part of this, is what we choose to do with that knowledge when we do stumble on it.

Those who choose to use it very wisely, sparingly, with prudence and only when and where it is necessary, continue to evolve and find themselves on a path to unlimited advancement.  The civilizations that do not pass the test of wisdom and begin to frolic in this knowledge as if it were an amusement park for children, pay the terrible price of finding themselves in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.  If you heard of Darwin, you understand that the dis-apparition of a specie is directly linked to choosing a path to an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Once you master the workings of DNA, you will soon discover how to turn off the switches of the natural process of aging which inevitably brings us to physical death.  When that happens, with a combination of other technologies such as organ regeneration, cloning and other things you can pretty much secure the possibility of physical eternal life, where even if our sun were to blow up, we could send samples of eternal human beings to other planets, assuming that we also discover how to break the light barrier.

The problem is that the term Eternal Human is an oxymoron because the very essence of being human is to enjoy the derivative benefits and privileges of physical death.  That is absolutely correct, physical death provides us with unique and precious privileges that is highly coveted in the universe.

Some of these privileges and benefits are the following:

1 Love

2 Nurturing

3 Celebration of the new

4 Reverence for the old.

5 Romance

6 Family

7 Community

8 Tolerance

9 The Joy of birth

10 The grieving for the departed

11 Reminiscence

12 and Most of all a connection to the spiritual realm

The above are twelve examples of what essentially make us human and women happen to be in most part the reservoirs and keepers of these traits and attributes of humanity.

The implementation of physical eternal life automatically make the human aspects above unnecessary, except maybe the sense of community.  This is why an Eternal Human is an oxymoron.

Of course, the one who would choose eternal physical life would never get rid of sexual desires because the very purpose of living eternally is to enjoy physical life eternally, otherwise what would be the point?  However they would surely turn of the reproductive switches.  At this point every woman simply becomes, (excuse the new but correct oxymoron) here, a Female Man, meaning just a man with a female body, because just like a man, the woman would be incapable of developing a child in her womb.  As a matter of fact, they might as well manipulate the genetics so the womb just disappears.  Well while they are at it, they might as well all be men because men already have an orifice to please each other called the anus, which would leave them with the simple shortcut of generalizing whatever genetic peculiarity produces homosexuality in man. So there you would have a perfect world of Eternal Homosexual Men.

Now let me be very clear, that this article is in no way trying to accuse natural homosexuality of anything negative.  What is natural is natural but what is artificial is intentional and here lies the great difference.  Nature is wise and knows in what quantity to make things so to teach us about its mysteries while keeping things moving along fine.  However the great fault in humanity is not knowing how to measure properly.  We have too many times turned the ratios of nature on its head and turn the exceptions into rules and the rules into exceptions.

So as you can see, the proposition of Physical Eternal Life in essence, pretty much threatens the existence of women and this is why over and over again women rejected it and fought against it every time it presented itself on Earth and/or other planets.

The true story of Adam and Eve is about a drama that plays itself over and over regarding the creation of the so called Eternal Man, where the serpent being the advocate for physical eternal life, tries to convince Eve that we can become like God and live eternally, (Physically that is) but Eve is much wiser than the serpent and knows that through a son of hers, the real eternal life, the spiritual eternal life will be revealed to us.  So as the smart woman that she is, she said thank you but no thank you and saved Humanity.  She understood that humanity is not a few so called eternal men.

So this machismo that underlies all sectors of society be it business, politics, education and most of all religion is deeply rooted in the vestiges of an old Battle fought many times before.  As religion radicalizes itself, the more hated, subjugated and despised women are.  This same Battle will be fought for as long as the universe exists and continues to produce intelligent life.  This is the battle between men who dream of a physical eternal life where woman is unnecessary and men and women who understand that the true and correct eternal life is not physical but instead the promise of the soul.

The aliens who are harvesting eggs from women and sperms from men, are from species that made the wrong technological choice.  In this case, I have no idea if it's the blue or the red pill that they took.  Nevertheless, now they cannot reproduce by themselves and they realized that life makes no sense if you cannot multiply.

My question for today is the following:

Do you remember this phrase in the Bible;  Go and multiply?

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  1. Pour moi, l'important est ce qui 'm'est venu a l'idee a la fin de la lecteure de ton article: Notre Dieu/Pere/Createur est TOUT-PUISSANT et rien ne Le surpasse!!! Un veritable GENIE!!!