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I was wrong about the third world war. It is going to be much worse.

I was wrong about the third world war. It is going to be much worse.

The tittle of one of my previous articles was: Third Wold War, will it be the war to stay healthy? Now I have come to realize that I almost missed the mark. The innocent civilian does not only have a to fight a war to stay healthy, but also has to prepare himself as rapidly as possible to fight a war to preserve its humanity. When I say humanity, I am not speaking only of the attributes, principles and behaviors that distinguish human beings.  In this case I am talking about that precious and sacred chrysalis we call the body which allows the I AM in each human being to experience the preciousness of life in its collective fragility.

The most sacred place in the Jewish temple is the Holy of Hollies.  It is no more than an empty room where the chosen High Priest enters in conference with God.  The whole point of the room being empty is to affirm that that this is space reserved for the non material, meaning the spirit and in this particular case, the Holy Spirit of God.

However this is a defined space unlike the infinite space that exists outside the temple and even outside the body of the earth.  One could see the space outside of the temple as the collective of space, but the space in the Holy of Hollies is defined.  That's what makes it personal where the High Priest enters in a personal conference with God even though his purpose is to represent humanity and especially the Jewish people.  It is not only a personal experience for he High Priest, it is also a moment for God personified which means to appear as an defined and concise being rather than the infinite immensity that He is. The room does not and cannot limit God to its walls but it represents the personal aspect of God. This is all very necessary because the only way to remain an image of God is to remain a person, for God Himself is the original Divine Person. this is why He told Abraham that his name was I AM and not we are.

The whole point of us being on this earth is to learn the lesson of the One giving of himself for the All. That defines universal love in its entirety. Every other explanation of the human experience would only be a derivative of what I just explained.  It cannot be something else.

There is an agenda in full gear being executed on the earth at this very moment.  It is the agenda to unpersonify the human being. This is communism and totalitarianism on super, hyper, extreme steroids and it is happening right under our noses and almost completely invisible to us.

This is the point where you need to learn the terms Transgenic-ism, Transhumanism and Post-humanism and to never forget them because that is the war in which you already are but don't know it.

You need to understand that DNA is a chain of little robots and since science has decoded the entire workings of DNA. The powerful who control science, have fallen victim to the delusion of the God Complex.  They are addicted to sugar and they found the key to grandma's cabinet.  There is no cookie that they are not going to eat.  This means that they feel entitled to redesign nature as per their wildest fantasies regardless of how crazy their ideas may be.  The best part is that they don't feel that your input is necessary nor do they want your input.  DNA is their little amusement park, they are going to play in it and you are the toys.

Remember that DNA is a chain of little robots?  There are cutters, assemblers, identifiers, receptors, activators, verifiers etc. etc.  Whatever function a person can have in industry, there is a piece of DNA that has the same function, so you might as well see DNA as the industrial complex of nature.

Scientists no longer have to mix genes from species that are very close. They can mix genes from any specie with any other specie. It is well known that they incorporated spider genes in goats to make the goats produce milk that can be process to make spiderweb because spiderweb is very strong and they can do a lot of things with it. I could live without so much spiderweb.

They put moth genes in potatoes and human genes in pigs.  These are just a few of the mildest examples that are easily accessible and verifiable on the Internet.  I am sure that we are not soon to discover the real terrifying stuff that they are already doing.

I think I have figured out what they are up to.  There is a disease out there affecting supposedly about 20,000 people but according to some people it seems that eight out ten people are already infected with it.  This disease is called Morgellons.  This is another word you must never forget, because it is here and it is going to grow.  Skin doctors or so called Dermatologists keep telling the victims of this disease that they are delusional and that it is all in their mind.  Laboratories will not even Analise the samples in fear of loosing their license.  Go on the Internet and read about Morgellons, read about Transhumanism.  I am telling you that you can no longer afford to be too busy to inform yourselves these days unless you want to be a suffering robot for the rest of you life and leave this horror as an inheritance for your progenitures.

The Internet is right there and I beg you to use it before they get rid of it.

This disease called Morgellons is not really a disease, it is a system that according to people who have been researching it, involves all kinds of of techniques, using air, food and water water as the transportation and delivery modality to inject or infect human beings with DNA robots that do not belong in the DNA of human beings.  Apparently, one of the key ingredients in creating these artificial mutations in people are insect genes that they have stirred up in their magical cauldrons and that is why people infected with it cannot help but feel like they have bugs crawling on and under their skin.

With all that stuff I have been telling, it's only now I am entering the weird part.  This infernal condition called Morgellons, leave the afflicted with the weirdest soars.  The soars have synthetic fibers of all kinds of colors and according to information found on the Internet, a private lab could not burn one of these fibers even at 600 degrees centigrade.

Basically, these fibers look a lot like nanotechnology. Scientists want to make us believe that they can always clean the messes they make but if nuclear technology is of any indication, we are in deep trouble.  These people do whatever they want to do and if the earth must perish then be it.  All they care about is that they had a chance to play God.

So here we are with people infected by artificial organisms that are producing synthetic fibers in their bodies, colored: Red, white, Green, Yellow and Black. I can't help it but think that this is the same color code used in electricity and electronics.

Call me crazy if you will but my conclusion is that they are installing the wires just like they do in buildings and cities when they plan on making them Internet ready.  Except that in this case, you will not have control of the device which will be you.  My conclusion is that they are turning us into wireless robots that they will integrate completely from head to toe to a diabolical computer network and we will wind up with something very similar with what is seen in the movie The Matrix.  Very similar machines as seen in the movie are being developed.  Their is an old American saying that says:  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. In this case it is the Matrix.

I assure you that this is not in your interest, because they have been forging ahead with this plan without informing us and without our consent.

The Bible has a name for this Matrix. It is called
the beast :

B Biological

E Electronically

A Assimilated

S Slave

T Technology

My question for you today is the following:

Are you too busy to wake up?

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