Monday, October 14, 2013

Let us pray for an arc-miracle.

Let us pray for an arc-miracle.

Because without one, we will not survive.  I must apologize to my readers ahead of time, as many of them tell me how much hope they get from reading my Blog but today my article will not be a positive one.  I can't help it but I must be honest with you even when honesty is depressive.

Last night I did not write an article because I simply could not choose a subject.
Today I was thinking about it and wondering: Why is it that I couldn't choose a subject?  I came to the sad conclusion that there is simply too much wrong with the world.

As much as I want to be positive and believe that as the dominant species of the planet, we have a chance to evolve and become more than what we have been so far, I find myself seriously doubting that we will survive unless God grants us an Arc-Miracle.

As I pondered on the spirit of the article for today, I came to realize why the serpent is really an appropriate image for evil.  A horrible thought came to my mind and it is the following:  A disconcerting portion of humanity is mutating and becoming venomous.  The consciousness of many, much too many people has mutated and has become venomous.  The following is what I am seeing:

1  Racism around the world is in full bloom.
2  Drug addiction, the consumption and production of it is in full bloom
3  The radicalization of religion is in full bloom.
4  Greed is in full bloom
5  The lost of critical thinking is in full bloom
6  The production of deadlier and deadlier weapons to kill maim, torture and terrorize is in full bloom
7  The abuse of women and children by men is in full bloom
8   Hyper Violent crimes in society is in full bloom
9  Government intrusion in the privacy of the individual is in full bloom.
10  Pollution of the planet is in full bloom
11  The loss of economic balance in the world is in full bloom
12  The inculcation of materialism in the mind of the young is in full bloom
13  The brutalization of the civilian by the policing forces around the world is in full bloom.
14  The corruption of  food and water is in full bloom
15  Governmental totalitarianism around the world is in full bloom.
16  Anger is in full bloom.

I think that this list is more than enough for you to get the idea, however they say that a picture is worth a thousand words so go and see the following on Youtube:

" Darpa Drones and Robots"

Then go to the following site"

Is this really about defense or has the human consciousness become en large part venomous?

My question for today is the following:

Do you see humanity surviving without an arc-miracle from God?

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