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Reasonable Capitalism, why not?

Reasonable Capitalism, why not?

The economic system of a civilization is limited by its level a spirituality.  At the present, we cannot adopt any system better than capitalism because we have not yet cultivated certain human tendencies necessary for a better economic system.  Communism will not work either because of the current tendencies in the human beings, so for the moment we are stuck with capitalism.

However, if we survive long enough, if we cultivate better beliefs, I am sure that we can formulate and establish a fairer economic system.

In this article, I will try to bring to light how human tendencies and behaviors that play the dominant role in determining what sort of economic system works for us.

The following list of beliefs are what limit us to Capitalism.

1 The belief that if you are stronger than another, then you do not have to be fair to the other.

2 If you are stronger than another, then you can stake a claim on anything that belongs to him or her.

3 If you are stronger than another, you make the rules for the other.  That usually means that there are no rules for you.

4 If you are the stronger, than even the energy of the weaker is a commodity for you to use at your pleasure.

The sum of the beliefs mentioned above produces a very pleasant and near paradisaical life for the strong and a very unpleasant and hellish life for the weak.

Before we go any further, let's analyse what it means to be strong and weak.  There are many forms of strengths.  The current understanding of strength that permeates our civilization boils down to the capacity of one thing to disassemble or destroy another thing.  This understanding though well established in the human psyche is absolutely wrong for the evolution of a specie and a civilization. This understanding of strength is negative. it programs the human being to become more and more violent because violence itself is seen as the essence of strength.  This understanding of strength eventually and unavoidably comes to mean that whom so ever is willing to kill others is strong and whom so ever wants to preserve life is weak.  Being that human beings live and learn, we cannot expect any other result other than everyone having the goal of gaining as much destructive power as possible.  It is human nature.  No one enjoys being a victim of the bullying of the strong and sooner or later comes a point where the victim simply has enough and decides that the only solution is to become a destructive force also.

So I find myself very surprised when the super powers of the world are surprised that smaller powers of the world are willing to risk everything to bridge the gap of power.  They have no choice because this civilization functions under the paradigm of negative strength and there is a direct correlation between how pleasant your life is going to be and how much destructive power you have.  The final equation of this understanding of strength is:

Power to Destroy = Pleasant

While the inverse of the equation is:

Desire to preserve life = Unpleasant.

By now you should not have any problem concluding that the inevitable result of adopting this understanding of strength is the complete auto destruction of this civilization.

Being that economy is directly link to our understanding of strength, we find that working, being productive, useful, appreciated and of a service to society, instead of being an enjoyable and satisfactory human experience has become a punishment and sometimes a torture for the human being.  But off course who wants to break their back and sacrifice their energy just so the favored of a system that supports the minority of humanity that has put its faith squarely in the paradigm that the greater your capacity to destroy is and the more you actually destroy to demonstrate and remind all others of that capacity, the better of you are.  You tell me where is anyone supposed to find the Joy in that?

So here we are with a class of victims where its members aspire to rise through the ranks and one day maybe become part of the class of the bullies.  So when you see them become cut-throats and back stabbers in the work environment and even gangsters, drug dealers murderous cartels, pirates and all sorts of crazy criminals, don't be surprised.  They learned this from someone.

The members of the class of victims who for some reason that only God knows, refuse to adopt this false understanding of Strength, have no choice but to become even stronger than the bullies.  You find them willing to live a life of near if not complete misery and determined to complete their lives without participating in the quest for destructive strength.  That is correct, when you see a poor man or a poor woman scraping a life out of a small plot of land, washing the dishes or mopping the floor of an expensive restaurant where you like to eat or doing any such menial job simply to put food on the table for their children, don't you dare to even think of them as weak and insignificant members of society.  They form the Atlas and the Hercules that are holding on to the rope of faith which is buying us time in the hope that by some unknown miracle the bullies will one day wake up and see that they have it all wrong.  If you think that these people prefer to live that miserable type of life because they are too stupid, too lazy or simply a lower form of human being than you, you better think again.  These people understand something that you are too stupid, too lazy and too cowardly to understand or accept.  You are the one who sold out and capitulated to take the easy road.  You became a collaborator of the destructive and the violent.  I don't see how a capitulator can call himself or herself strong.  You know you are not strong and that is why everything scares and terrifies you
So here we are where you need to know what everyone is doing at all the time. Well I'll tell you what we are doing. We are praying that God will change you hearts.  Remember, we are the ones who believe in preserving life so we are not interested in destroying your or see harm come to you.  The ones who are interest in this, are the ones you have educated and formed to be like you.  They are the ones who want to destroy you.  The more they say yes sir, the more you need to watch your back.

Were it not be for the unbelievable, almost supernatural spiritual strength of the so called weak, we would not be here today. If everyone where to adopt the passion for destroying and killing to live a brief lives of luxury, I would not be writing this article today because I would not be here and you neither. There would be no one left.

The world continues to exist solely by the spiritual strength of the so called weak and this is why it is written in the bible: And the weak shall inherit the Earth.  This is because unless we all realize that is it better for us to understand strength the way the so called weak understands it, there will not be a world to inherit. This is why only the weak can inherit the Earth.

As much as I would want to, I do not expect you to be able to make that quantum leap of waking up tomorrow, transformed into this type of herculean weak person.  It would amaze me if you were able to do it so.  The most I can ask you to do is to try and make a better capitalism that you could maybe call Reasonable Capitalism.  A capitalism where you can live in Paradise but at least let the rest of the world live in purgatory. You can begin by having a more reasonable credit system.  If you are one of those bullies of the system, don't you realize that if your greed has no limit so does the misery of the world and if the misery of the world has no limit then the world has a limit.

What is the purpose of all your great inventions if you pay your employees so little that they have to borrow money from you so they can buy these inventions and then live the rest of their lives paying you interest?  Why is it a need for you to be so comfortable while others are so uncomfortable?  What is the reason? Where is the reason?  There is none except that you have adopted a belief that being strong is to be a heartless bully.  It is time for you to find another strength in you, the strength to implement Reasonable Capitalism where you pay your employees enough so they can afford the products they make.  Henry Ford understood it.  He wanted his employees to be able to afford the product they built.  That did not stop him from being rich and living a very comfortable life.  Henry Ford is the example of Reasonable Capitalism.  What you have established today is Miserable Capitalism.

My question for today is the following:

Are you falsely strong or truly strong?

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  1. Llega un momento en el que los seres humanos solo pensamos en el bienestar propio sin pensar por encima de quien estamos pasando, cuando ese mal habito empezamos a eliminarlo de nuestro diario vivir es cuando aprendemos a ser razonables con nuestros pensamientos y actitudes hasta el punto de estar en un capitalismo razonable