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The Sacred Economy of God.

The Sacred Economy of God.
Today I lived one more experience of the Sacred Economy of God.  I have lived many such experiences but since I am now writing articles for my Blog, I decided to share that experience and this knowledge with you.

We live on this earth, part of a universe that is vast beyond complete understanding.  Relatively recently, science discovered that everything we know in the universe barely accounts 4.6 percent of the universe. It means that everything we have been able to observe in the universe, regardless of what visualizing method we use whether it's natural light, infra red, ultra violet, X ray, Microwave or any other wave class in the electromagnetic spectrum still only adds up to 4.6 percent of the the total mass of the universe.

They figured that out because they were able to observe that everything we know in the universe is being moved around by a gravitational force other than the gravitational force of the celestial bodies. It is as if all the stars, all the planets, all the gas, all the dust and all the galaxies put together would be like debris siting on an ocean except that the ocean is completely invisible and you can't see what it is.  However that invisible ocean accounts for 95.4 percent of the rest of the universe

They are not talking about space itself.  Space itself curves under the influence of mass but space itself according to science should not have mass by itself.  According to the theory of Einstein, matter curves space and that is what causes gravity.  So science believes, there is something else out there that is curving space as if the entire universe were inside a big invisible ball of jello and the jello itself is the missing 95.4 percent of the energy being observed.

They separate the invisible missing part into two parts, Black Matter and Black Energy.  According to their research, 23.3 percent out of the 95.4 percent of invisible universe is composed of Black Matter, meaning some kind of matter that does not reflect nor emit light.  They can't even imagine what the other 72.1 percent is for the moment

I don't know how many of you remember the movie Star Wars.  If you do, do you remember when the great Jedi Master, Yoda was trying to teach Luke Skywalker to sustain objects in the air with nothing but his thought?  At the beginning, he tries to lift a rock, got distracted and the rock fell down. Later of course he managed to lift his X Wing fighter out of the lake.

I was thinking and wondered, what if the whole universe is something that God lifted out of an ocean of non-existence and if He were to stop concentrating for one minuscule instant, it would all fall back into non-existence? Crazy thought but very entertaining.

I believe that the same way that 95.4 percent is invisible to man at least for now and the same way that the thought of Luke Skywalker is invisible, so is God's hand in this world.

For more than one reason every time I have an experience like today's, my faith in God's invisible hand in things become stronger and stronger. I will tell you the little story of today. Its is a simple story but for me, it carries a powerful message.

As you can imagine, sometimes I stay up pretty late writing these articles. Needless to stay this morning I woke up late and much later than I expected. Since yesterday I had one plan in mind and that was to take the damaged computer of my pickup truck to be repaired at a car electronic shop.

However this angelic older lady friend of mind asked me if I could drive her somewhere.  This was not at all part of my plans but this lady is so nice to me, that I simply could not refuse and since I believed that I could bring her where she needed to go and still have plenty of time to take my truck computer to the shop, I was very happy to drive her to her destination.  Well the story is going to get more interesting.  As I am driving her, a friend of mine calls me to tell me that his car broke down and needs a boost. I told him no problem, as soon as I drop off my other friend, I will come and give him a boost.  As promised, I went and gave him a boost, his car started fine and all was fine and dandy.  Well would you guess, 10 minutes later he calls me again to tell me that his car broke down again so I had to turn back and give him another boost?  This time I decided that I would follow him until he gets to the repair shop.  We managed to get there so finally I was free to go to the Car Electronics repair shop.  The problem is that by that time it was rush-hour and I started getting seriously worried that I wouldn't make it to the shop on time.  I finally got the commercial center where the shop is but there are so many buildings and shops there that I knew that it would not be easy to find it.  I realized that they were going to close in one minute so I called them to ask where exactly they are located.  They explained to me but told me that they were already closed.  Then he asked me what kind of car is that computer for?  I told him the make, the model and the year.  He said OK, what you can do is bring it over, leave it with me and Monday I will look at it.  I said no problem, that works for me.  I got to his shop and got out of my car with the computer in my hand. He looked at it and said, let me check it out for you.  In ten seconds, he had the four screws out, started tearing some gel out of it, pushed a little some transistors or whatever these things were to the side and told me, yes, yes, you seem to to have a couple of things here that burned out.  I didn't say a word.  Then he said: you know what?  Let me do something for you.  He sat down at his work bench, pulled out two new transistors, soldered them onto My computer board, screwed the cover back on, handed me my truck computer back and told me:  You should be good now.  I said, thank you very much and how much do I owe you?  He said: don't worry about it, it's a gift.  I was just lost for words.  This did not take three minutes and I my Truck computer was fixed for free.  Well, for you information, it usually cost any where from $250.00 to $280.00 to fix them or to get a new one. Maybe the ones on newer cars are even more expensive, I really don't know.  I shook his hands and promised to refer people to his business.

On the way back home, I found myself in this magical zone, realizing how God repays us beyond our expectations, when we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for others. That is when I formulated the term Sacred Economy of God. This is neither the first time nor will it be the last time that God has showered me with incredible relief and reward.

When Jesus told his apostles to go out in the world and only take the cloth on their back with them, He wanted them to understand that as teachers of the Golden Rule, they must have faith in the Sacred Economy of God.

Today's experience not only strengthens my faith, but made me realise that with the economy of the world being so weird and uncertain these days, it should not worry anyone who sacrifices a little bit of their time and energy for others whenever it is necessary. As hard as life can become on this earth, somehow God will take care of you and you will be amazed.

My question for you today is the following:

Can you share with us your experience of the Sacred Economy of God?

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