Thursday, October 10, 2013

Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

Third world war, will it be the war to stay healthy?

In years gone by, cars were built and designed to be easily fixed.  Just about anyone could fix his own car with a few tools.  It was not hard to understand what made the car run and how to keep it running.  Mechanics didn't charge a lot either because the work was relatively easy as long as you knew what you were doing.  However, if you open the hood of your latest model, you will find something that looks like a safe deposit box and I suspect that pretty soon, they will put a label on it that says (Don't even think about touching it!).  The mechanics in a car these days are so integrated with computers, that you might as well call them computers on wheels.  Unless you have a very expensive machine, that means another highly specialized computer that can communicate with the computers on the car, you are not going to fix that car.  Supposedly, all of this makes for a better, less polluting, safer and more efficient car.

The problem is that these new cars work perfectly for five to eight years, then you practically have to throw them away because the cost of fixing them equals or exceeds the value of the car.  So you just have to get a new one.  In other words the car companies are in the business of selling cars and not in the business of fixing cars.

I believe that after the the 1960's, Business worked out a plan to turn us into consumers, in other words buying addicts or spending zombies or both.  This also means slaves free to roam around and to go to shopping malls.

The entire medical system shifted from trying to cure diseases to just treating conditions and alleviating pain.  I can understand the pharmaceutical companies.  Why would you want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.  In this case the Golden Goose is sickness.

I doubt that I am the only one but just about every week, I hear of a brand new disease of which  I never heard before and the very first time I hear about it is in the commercial advertising the medicine that will treat it.  These commercials provide us with some of the best comedy on TV.  I love how they begin with the most soothing and compassionate voice regarding your suffering than suddenly shift to an annoying cynical voice, giving a list of possible side effects among which the desire to commit suicide, all at the speed of a machine gun.

So if you wonder why there are so many weird chemicals in the foods and drinks we buy, why they are grinding sickly animals and feeding them back to the same animals, why the animals that are being mass produced have to be kept alive with untold amounts of antibiotics, why every sandwich being sold automatically has cheese in it and why they are corrupting natural grains to replace them with grains containing company proprietary secrets, you might want to remember that sickness and disease is seen as the biggest business of the future.

When you take the time to think about this, you might begin to understand why president Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is important enough to risk shutting down the government of the United States of America.  Obama said it himself.  He said that Health Care is the biggest threat there is to America and I believe he is right.  It is my opinion that knowing the political power of all the players in this circle of bad food and bad medicine, he realized that the most he can do to give the middle class and the poor a chance to survive is to at least even the playing field.  However, there are people who see us simply as producers of money and once we can't produce money for them anymore, then we might as well check in at the cemetery.

Do you know that every disease has an electromagnetic wave signature and that there is a workable science to cure diseases by broadcasting an opposite wave that neutralizes the disease?  They can do this by creating special harmonic scales using combined waves to produce high-breed waves that can travel faster than light.  As per my article "Progress, the great illusion", this kind of science and technology would fall nicely under good progress, but knowing how the best science is always first used for making war, I would not be surprised that instead of stepping on the toes of the money hungry medical system, they are using it to spread mysterious diseases, simply by broadcasting them.  That means you can just about get any disease and never have gotten infected by anything.  So for now this science falls under bad progress.

Maybe my imagination got the best of me tonight but go to YouTube and search for:
A New Physics Kept Secret from the World

The man at the beginning of the video explains how this technology works.  If you don't understand English, please have someone translate it for you.

My question for today is the following:

Do you feel that staying healthy is becoming a war?


  1. you are so right Mani, I taught I was alone making these observations.......

  2. Thanks that people are waking up to the corruption of health profits in the US. There is plenty of alternative medicines. Regular detox, acupuncture, Auervedic medicine, herbs ( where synthetic drugs were derived from) from chinese, American Indian, Mexican and South American, Tibetian, India etc. That work fast and very affective. Knowledge is the key to stop this war.