Wednesday, November 27, 2013

365 days of Christmas,

365 days of Christmas,

Christmas, what a beautiful holiday! One based on love not war like Independence Day, Flag Day, President Day, so on and so forth.
Christmas is a day that represents the miracle of a baby born with the full loving essence of God.   He was born with a problem.  He loved everyone, even his enemies.

He promised us eternal life in the eternal kingdom of his Father if we can learn to do just one thing which is to love one another.   Some of us have been trying and this might be the only reason we are still here and have not disappeared from the face of the earth.  The few of us who are trying our best to follow these instructions might have kept our species in existence but have we been able to love enough to earn that glorious entry in the eternal kingdom?

I have not come to a conclusion on that yet but I see problems in the way we love and that might well be the reason why the world has not yet found peace.

Somewhere through the course of our history, we have come to believe that love must always manifest itself as an exchange of material energy such as gifts, services, sexual gratification and the craziest one yet, the complete relinquishing of one’s individuality and autonomy which usually turns into one person abusing the other.  Whether you are a man or a woman, the moment you relinquish your individuality, you begin to set yourself up for being abused and to live a miserable life.  Love should be an empowering exchange of authority and not the submission of one to the authority of another.

Love is really a very simple thing.  Love is the desire to accompany others in their quest for peace.

When that wonderful Christmas baby grew up, he told us to even love our enemy.  Now I have to agree, that’s a tough prescription but it is the correct one and I will tell you why.

The heart functions as an inter-dimensional spaceship capable of providing our soul with the escape velocity that it needs to enter the orbit of the eternal kingdom.  Each person we meet becomes one more engine attached to that ship.  Love is the fuel and the power of an engine is exactly equal to how much love you release and propel through that engine.  So it is not hard to understand that if you have any engine attached to the ship not receiving fuel, it just becomes a dead weight and a drag on your ship.

The secret is that you want as many engines as possible attached to your ship and all engines must be operating at maximum power to attain that escape velocity and reach the orbit of the eternal kingdom.  So stop being stingy with your love.  As a matter of fact be in love with everyone, even your enemy.  Your enemy will most probably never understand why you love him or her and on the contrary, will think you are completely stupid or just plain crazy.  That does not matter at all.  What matters is achieving escape velocity.  Being in love should not be a feeling reserved only for someone you want to go to bed with.  It is the full desire to accompany others in their quest for peace.

So I wish you a Merry Christmas and may you find peace 365 days plus.

Love you.

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