Saturday, November 16, 2013

As in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of man comes.

As in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of man comes.

The problem with the consciousness is that it does not react to small changes.   This is what allows the Lion to creep up close enough to its prey and when he does make its big move, it's too late for the prey to escape.

The subconscious always knew that something creepy was going on and would send signals of nervousness all the way to the skin, the ears and the tail of the prey.  When the grass is too sweet in the mouth of the inexperienced or unwise prey, it ignores the signals sent from the subconscious and keeps eating.  However, the experienced and wise prey has a developed higher consciousness that learns to take seriously these subtle signals from the subconscious and will suddenly flee from the perceived danger.

There have been some stealth changes in the lingo of computers, that went right by the attention of most people.  Some of you might remember older versions of Microsoft Windows  that contained the words "My computer".    You might not even remember when it happened but "My computer" disappeared and it was replaced by "Computer", that's right, just "Computer".  Do you  think that this was a meaningless change?  Not at all.  They knew better than us that due to how the Internet works that your computer was no longer your computer.  It would become in fact every-body's computer.

Now wasn't it strange that came a time when they released a version of windows with a strange name of Vista. Vista in Spanish means View.  Do you think that this name was chosen casually?   Well ask your self, who would want to have a view and what was that view supposed to be?

I am trying to wake up your higher consciousness so you can learn to pay attention to changes in things that appear to be minor and insignificant but in fact represent serious and major changes.

A few years ago, ABC news reported that a medical journal published in 1997, announced that they successfully transferred genes in such a way that a baby was born with genes from three people, not two.  Apparently, the procedure involved transferring certain genes from a fertile woman into the egg of a non fertile woman to allow her to conceive a baby.  Sounds wonderful.  We all love babies, except that as always, though it appears to be a small and minor event, in fact  opens a door to a new world that we might not be able to manage.

That publication is now exactly 26 years old.  Do you think the insatiable and  ever greedy people have been sitting doing nothing?  Not at all.  I would not be surprised if very soon we hear that a company is offering a catalog of human features and abilities of all sorts that can be genetically designed into your next baby.   Do you think your genetically modified baby will be your baby?

Who will be able to afford these designer babies?  The richest ones at first off course and the result will be, an even bigger divide in humanity.   When you think about it, you will realise that it may soon become unnecessary to travel to other planets to meet strange aliens or extra terrestrial beings.  We will be making them right here on earth.

And that my friend, according to the bible is when God usually decides to reformat the drive on His computer and re install His operating system.

Perhaps, if we are lucky, we might avoid the Godly re installation by developing our higher consciousness and let who ever is behind all this craziness know that, enough is enough.

My question for today is the following:

What shall it be?  Higher Consciousness or Re installation?

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  1. To me higher consciousness is reinstallation. We are all one....One God, One Life, One Planet. Perception can become illusive. The truth is right there if we are clear enough to see. Great blog!