Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Premonition and Intuition, tools of survival.

Premonition and Intuition, tools of survival.

As the world becomes a more and more dangerous place to live, people will need to use all the tools at their disposition to survive.

Violence is increasing everywhere and all sorts of very dangerous weapons are finding their way in the hands of the of mindless criminals.   The lawful and peaceful citizen who continues to believe that carrying a weapon, will only add to the problem is left relying on his faith in God and possibly guardian angels.

The majority of the world is peaceful and non violent but it finds itself trapped between illegal violence and legal violence.   Remove or confiscate all weapons from the civilian society, and you leave yourself open to a tyrannical government, leave the door open so the citizen can defend against this danger and you find yourself being tyrannized by gangsters and common criminals.   Let everyone have a weapon, you find yourself in anarchy.

So what is a peaceful, law abiding citizen to do? My best suggestion for now is to start using tools that God created specifically to help the spiritual sector of society survive.   We need to learn to stay connected to the collective consciousness that functions above and beyond the realm of time.   This will help us increase our psychic abilities such as premonition and intuition. These types of psychic tool help us make the right choices at every corner of life and avoid falling into many terrible situation.

Premonition and intuition works. When you have a bad feeling about doing something that does not want to go away when your logic tells you that there is no danger, follow the feeling.   That will save you a lot of problems in life.   If something tells you to leave the area where you are even though everything appears perfectly fine,  leave that area.   If something tells you not to get into a taxi, then do not.   If you were planning all day to go to the best party in the world then a weird feeling comes over you where you don't feel like leaving your house, stay home, call your friends and tell them that something told you not to go and don't let them convince you otherwise.   If you are walking and about to turn the corner and you get a bad feeling about the street you walk every day and never had a problem before, don't go down that street that day.   Go somewhere else where you feel safer, find another way or call for someone to pick you up by car if there is no other way to get there.   If you are about to get into an elevator and it does not feel right, don't get in it even if it's empty.   If you have to go to your car in the parking lot and as soon as you get close to the parking lot, you feel an abnormal anxiety, don't go by yourself to that car, find some help.

I am not trying to scare you and make you unable to function.   I am trying to tell you that you need to start training yourself to recognize the difference between normal levels of preoccupations from abnormal levels of preoccupation.   The key is to learn to stay in touch in the energy of a place and of the moment. When a bad person is somewhere, the whole place will reflect the negative vibrations he is generating. When the place itself is about to release a threat to life, like a roof about to collapse the danger itself generates negative vibrations.

Premonition and intuition are tools that God created to help the innocent and peaceful survive.   You might want to give them a try.

My question for today is the following:

Have you experienced premonition or intuition?

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  1. Intuición: 1. f. Facultad de comprender las cosas instantáneamente, sin necesidad de razonamiento.
    Premonición: 1. f. Presentimiento, presagio. 2. f. Advertencia moral.
    Muy interesante, para el análisis, en mi caso es la intuición.