Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cain's question

Cain's question.

Tonight someone posted a short video of a her dog feverishly trying to splash water from a puddle on some fish they caught.  It was clear as could be that the dog understood the suffering of the fish outside of water so he was just doing his best to cover them up with water, using just his nozzle.  I was really taken aback by this dog's compassion for the fish, a species so remote from the dog's.  It is just amazing to me that the dog understands the universal preciousness of life while these days it seems to mean nothing to human beings.

What I was seeing impacted me so much that it somehow brought to mind Cain's stupid question to God when God asked him for Abel and the best he could respond was:  "Am I the keeper of my brother?"

When I hear rumors of wars and tribulations, of nations and tribes killing each other, men women and children included, organized armies or bands of criminals, large and small sometimes pretending that they are fighting for a noble cause, tearing up the fabric of society for the sole purpose of enriching the leaders of these criminals because the foot soldiers really don't profit much from all this murdering, police forces who supposedly are sworn to serve and protect their communities killing so many people that, one can no longer decide which is worse, the disease or the remedy,  people deriving pleasure from torturing other people, animals and sometimes nature itself , weapons available to everyone, public figures infantilizing the political space to such a point that "the Kardashians" start sounding like the Socratishians or the Confucioushians by comparison, it means that we as a species or part of our species has completely lost a basic understanding that animals themselves have not.  That to me is extremely worrisome and I don't believe that I am overreacting. 

In conclusion, I have to say:  Kings,  Presidents, Prime ministers,  Politicians,  Public figures, Journalists, Revolutionaries and Religious Leaders, all of you who are supposed to be the body of wisdom of this earth, if you are not the keepers of your brothers, then you are their killers because it is impossible to keep your brothers and kill them too and if you are their killers, you do not hold these tittles.  It is becoming evident that when Jesus tried to preach the Golden Rule to us, the animals heard him yet somehow we did not.  Shame on us.

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