Friday, August 1, 2014

Strange similarities between believers and non-believers.

Strange similarities between believers and non-believers.

The other day a moment of clarity came to me. I came to realize that there's a group of atheists who have a lot in common with believers, while there is another group of atheists who have a lot in common with another group of believers.  Please keep on reading without trying too hard to understand this weird phrase that does not seem to make sense.  As you read, you will understand why the sentence is so weird.

The decision that people make to believe or not to believe in God is not to be taken lightly. They do it for very important personal reasons.

From what I have been able to gleam so far, the real important divide between people is not really faith in God.  It is rather faith in Love, which for me is one and the same but not for everyone.

I have met multiple atheists who are wonderful people who will end up in heaven even though they do not believe in it.

I know atheists who are deeply compassionate, care for their neighbors and fight for animals and a healthy planet, while there is probably more believers who really do no care for anyone else but themselves and who are downright evil.  This leaves me to conclude that there are Good Atheists and Good believers while there are bad Atheists and bad believers.

I was pondering on the subject and came to realize that the loving atheist cherishes and respect his belief in love so much that he wants to have complete authority on that love.

He doesn't want it tainted by any possibility that he does good from the fear of an invisible boss, religious influence or even due to some some kind of promised reward to come at the end of physical life.

The loving atheist wants to own his goodness.

As for the loving believer, he spreads good around the Earth with just as much fervor but just doesn't mind that some or all of the credit goes to God.  He or she enjoys knowing that there is an amazing place to retire to when one checks out of here.  The loving believer just does not have the need to own the love they spread around the world.  He feels that it retains the same value regardless of the source of it.

So in conclusion there are two different groups of human beings doing the same things and producing the same results in the world.

Now this is where I come to my real point in all of this.  It occurred to me that evil people, that's right, there are evil people on the earth, quite a bit by the way, are not atheists or believers for the same  reasons as the people I described earlier.

The top priority for people who commit evil is to find a convenient way to short-circuit their conscience, so you have people who atheists because it is a delight of a convenience that God does not exist.   That is one exhilarating experience to be free from conscience.  With God out of the equation, all of a sudden one can do whatever he wants as long as he can get away with surviving the laws of man.

However the believer who wants do evil does something that may well be considered worse. He simply decides to invent lies about God and claims that God demands that he does the evil he does.  As long as the naive is willing to believe it, why not he says.

In conclusion, on the day of judgment,  There will be many believers and non-believers sitting pretty in heaven while there will be believers and non believers getting nice and toasty in a very hot place.  The only difference is that the non-believers will be very surprised by it all.

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