Friday, August 22, 2014

United States in desperate need of a cure.

United States in desperate need of a cure.

The United States is suffering with a chronic case of Autoimmune Deficiency.  All  bodies survive by protecting themselves from foreign and destructive organisms.
That same immune system adopts new organism that become beneficial to the body, so the real issue is not that that an organism is foreign, the real issue is
whether an organism is destructive or constructive for the body.  The original reaction of the immune system is to take a couple of samples and analyse them and
Make sure that this new organism is safe, beneficial or destructive.  Off course, the system is mobilized just in case immediate action is necessary.  If the introduced
organism is viewed as destructive then an order to destroy the destructive organism is given.  If it is found beneficial it is allowed to become part of the body.

It is for that reason that many bacteria and microbes are not only allowed in the stomach but have even become necessary for good health.  Off course the solution becomes compromise between the bacteria, meaning happiness by understanding.

It is well known by science that the species that are able to adapt to their environment are the species that survive and thrive and those that cannot disappear.  Water happens to be a pretty good library of the pathogens that exist in its environment.  We all know that the water that does not make people sick in a country makes a foreigner to that country very sick.  Sometimes just breathing the air can make you sick but water is way better at immunizing us.  However stay long enough and you'll start getting used to it. 

As the old saying goes:  If it does not kill you then it makes you stronger.  Why is that the case we should ask ourselves.  Because, if the inside of your body can resemble the outside of your body, meaning your environment,  then your body is in balance with its environment but if it cannot do that then that body will become sick and most likely die because the environment is not going anywhere. 

Malcolm X said,  Black people did not land on Plymouth Rock,  Plymouth Rock landed on us. He is absolutely right.  White people went to get black people from Africa and introduced them in their environment, why because black people were a gold mine for their dreams of wealth.  However remember that I said a happy middle is necessary between the pathogens for the body to be healthy.  Well imagine that a type of pathogen called PBUWM, meaning Powerful But Uneducated White Man refuse to adapt to the the new make-up of the society because according to them, the body is only them, so they are creating havoc in the body and weakening it, triggering dangerously high fevers and in general threatening the very immune system itself.

Yes they are putting the body of the United States of America in grave danger because when you waste energy and resources fighting what has already proven to be beneficial to the body you exhaust your defensive system and make yourself vulnerable to real threats that do exist in the environment, meaning the world.

It is always that false principle of intolerance that causes a body to develop Autoimmune Deficiency, which brings me to religions.  Any religion, science included that becomes intolerant, meaning incapable of coexisting with entities different from itself is bound for self destruction.  Catholicism went through that disease and somehow managed to heal itself from it.

Islam is going through that crisis right now.  The time has come for Islam to decide whether it's really a religion of God or a religion of the devil.  It is not for the rest of the world to determine.  It is a question that Islam has to answer for itself.  All I can say is that I don't see at the moment any other religion with an agenda to destroy innocent people because they have chosen a different path to serve the One God.  I really hope that there is not another such secret war being waged out there.  

This is why the images produced by this current of white supremacy are so similar to the images of the work of Islamic extremism or any other extremism for that matter.  The entire world seems to have become intolerant, therefore functioning in the realms of extremism.  My message to the groups traumatizing the world these days is "be ready to be humbled if you cannot abandon your erroneous ways, because the environment is not going anywhere".


  1. Y la cura para cada uno de nuestros corazones, ¿Dónde se busca?

  2. Dear Clau, Please let me first thank you for asking this marvelous question. The Gospel of John begins as follows:
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The problem is that us, the members of humanity,
    have stopped taking the time to contemplate the details of life. We walk to fast, we talk to fast, we teach too fast and we understand too fast.
    When we live too fast, we lose information. When we write too fast, we make mistakes. When we read too fast we draw the wrong information
    from what we read. The world needs to slow down a little and take the time to understand reality in its details. By taking time to contemplate small details,
    I have discovered that words in themselves contains stories and great wisdom. The following is an example:

    The English word "love" in Spanish is "amor".
    The Spanish word "amor" in French is "amour".
    The English word "am" is to to be in the singular form
    The English word "our" indicates multiplicity of ownership
    The English word "love" in reverse is "evol", the root of "evolution" in English and French, "evolucion" in Spanish
    The Spanish word "amor" in reverse is the root of "romance" in all three languages
    There is a triangulation in certain groups of languages that reveal messages to us from God.
    It seems that the French word Amour is telling us that "am" is the problem and "our" is the solution.

    You will find similar triangulation in the word "reveal" itself:

    The English verb "To reveal", French word "révéler and the Spanish word "revelar" means to give away or to provide a gift.
    The French word "révéler" in reverse is "relever", which means to raise, to pick up, to lift up to stand up, to bring higher, to restore etc.
    So the solution is for the "am" to take these actions for "our" brothers and sisters.
    Unwise people always think that their ignorance is knowledge, that obscurity is light, so if someone ever tells you that you are too romantic and
    need to live in reality, answer to them: "no thank you", I rather live in romance than die in reality.

  3. Tus palabras, son vida(!) Entonces: amar, 愛, ស្រឡាញ់, amant, love, amour, amore, miłość, دوست دارم, amo, люблю, liebe... Que aún tenemos tiempo.